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How Do I Convert iTunes Gift Card To Bitcoin?

by Uneeb Khan
How Do I Convert iTunes Gift Card To Bitcoin?

If you have some iTunes gift cards and want to know how to convert them to Bitcoin, you’ve come to the right place! First, it’s important to understand why you’d want to do this in the first place. 

There are plenty of reasons, actually, but if we had to pick one, it would be that Bitcoin provides substantially more convenience when it comes to transferring money over long distances or performing payments online than iTunes gift cards do. If you don’t want to convert and want to Sell Gift Cards In Nigeria, come to GC Buying.

Step 1: Get An Exchange Account

To convert your iTunes gift card to Bitcoin, you’ll need to find a reputable exchange that deals in both currencies. We recommend GC Buying, as it’s one of the most popular and user-friendly exchanges currently available. 

Plus, GC Buying allows you to exchange gift cards for bitcoin, sell gift cards in exchange for bitcoins, and much more. It is perfect if you’re looking to Sell Gift Cards In Nigeria at higher prices.

Step 2: Select A Payment Method

There are a few different ways to turn your iTunes gift card into Bitcoin. The most popular methods are through online exchanges or peer-to-peer marketplaces. We’ll go over both methods so you can decide which one is best for you. 

First, we’ll discuss the use of an online exchange. These websites allow you to trade your physical money for Bitcoin by going through an intermediary service. They charge fees and typically have limits on how much currency they will take from you at once. 

For this reason, many people prefer to use peer-to-peer marketplaces, as they usually have lower fees and higher limits on how much currency they will accept from a single individual at once.

Step 3: Select A Trading Pair

You will need to find a trading pair that includes both Bitcoin (BTC) and the currency you want to use to buy Bitcoin. For example, if you want to buy Bitcoin with US dollars, you would look for a BTC/USD trading pair. The most popular exchanges usually have many different trading pairs available, so you should be able to find one that meets your needs.

Step 4: Transfer Your Funds To An Exchange

The process of converting an iTunes gift card to Bitcoin is simple and only takes a few minutes. We recommend using GC Buying, as it is one of the most popular and user-friendly exchanges currently available. Once you have created an account on GC Buying, link your Naira bank account so that you can fund your account with currency.

Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria at GC Buying For Good Price

If you’re looking to unload some unwanted gift cards, GC Buying is the place for you. They accept all major types of gift cards like iTunes Gift Card, Google Play Gift Cards, Steam Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, Sephora Gift Cards and a lot more. Plus, they have some of the best rates around. And if you’ve got an iTunes Gift Card and you can sell gift cards in Nigeria at GC Buying! They offer a higher percentage on those higher values

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