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How can Fiber Optic Augment Medical Community?

by Uneeb Khan
Fiber Optic Augment Medical Community

The medical community has benefited greatly from technological advancements. It has adopted the latest technical equipment to carry out minimal invasive surgeries. One of the leading technologies adopted by the medical field is fiber optic cabling. The use of fiber optics in medical instrumentations has greatly helped the medical industry. With this latest technology in place, the medical community is overhauling in the current era. The most powerful and prevailing applications of fiber optic are discussed in this article. If you are a medical field professional, it can help you greatly.

Top 6 ways the medical industry can benefit from fiber-optic:

As discussed, fiber optic is the technology that has boosted the medical field. Medical professionals are using fiber optics in heavy medical instrumentations to get more accurate results. Since the medical field has complex applications, there are different famous fiber optic cables in this field. Fiber optic cable Dubai companies can provide these services if you are looking forward to upgrading your instrumentation.

1. Minimal Invasive operations:

Medical professionals confront numerous critical situations where they need extra caution. For such delicate procedures, they need accurate devices. The use of fiber optic cables in different instruments has made it easy for professionals to perform such surgeries. It is used in numerous minimally invasive cardiology surgery applications. For such procedures, tools with high effectiveness and efficiency are required. Fiber optic cables make these instruments operative in critical situations. 

2. Bio-medical sensors:

The sensors used in a fiber optic cable are high-tech. They are comprised of a photo-detector and a light source. These sensors can detect the wavelength of light that enters inside the line. These sensors can read the modulation of light properties, and hence they are termed good light detectors. A considerable number of fiber optic bio-medical sensing mechanisms are in place to use the medical community. The most commonly used among these are named as:

  • Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG)
  • Fabry-Perot Cavities 
  • External fiber Fabry-Perot interferometer (EFPI) sensors
  • Micro bend
  • Photoelastic

 Among these, FBGs and EFPIs are mostly used because they are easy to operate. The invention of these bio-medical sensors has greatly helped the medical community to perform minor surgeries. They are by far the best contribution of fiber optic technology to this field. 

3. Research and Medical projections:

Medical professionals use different devices for research and development purposes. These devices must be compatible with the latest technological advancements. Fiber optics can provide this assistance. Through the use of fiber optic cables, flexible and biocompatible microscopes can be developed. The fiber optic UAE companies can greatly help your R&D department by offering such devices. Late improvements in medication incorporate the flexible model of optical fibers. These fiber optic links made out of adaptable and biocompatible hydrogel are tiny. Clinical experts and scientists are as yet discovering approaches to refine the fiber optic cylinders.

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4. Fiber optic Tubes:

Medical researchers are anticipating that the fiber optic tubes could be of great help. The fiber optic tubes are being created in light of neurological use. With the fundamental enhancements, the model will have the option to initiate synapses and neurons with a miniature light. This fiber optic cylinder aims to be goal-oriented, making it imperative that it get culminated before clinical execution.

5. Optical coherence Tomography:

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a biomedical sensor type. It is used in medical imaging techniques, incorporating photo-detectors. It captures photos of a micron on a 3D scale, just like the photos of biological tissue. Contrary to ultrasound technology, it operates using light instead of sound. OCT likewise gives high-resolution pictures of organ morphology. It has progressed fundamentally as of late, turning into the norm for analysis for things like coronary vein illness. It is conceivable because of the adaptable and small scope nature of fiber optics.

6. Hydrogel Optogenetics:

An elastic prototype of optical fiber is recently generated with the name of the hydrogel. It is highly stretchable and flexible in nature. The hydrogel is a stretchy, biocompatible material made essentially of water. It is exceptionally adaptable, with the capacity to extend more than seven times its length. It is designed as an advanced tool for the field of Optogenetic. This tool is of assistance to neuron-surgeons. It is used for the activation of brain cells using microscopic light. The medical professionals should consult top telecom companies in UAE to acquire this latest technology.

Fiber optic cables are the way to go:

Looking into the above context, it is highly anticipated that the medical field will upheave by using fiber optics. The medical community can greatly benefit from this technology if they capitalize on this. They can avail the latest instruments that are used in delicate and critical medical procedures. Moreover, the R&D department can also reap the benefits of acquiring high-tech tools. The medical professionals and institutions should consult the fiber optic companies to enjoy these benefits. 

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