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Hints to understand that a girl is attracted towards you

by Uneeb Khan
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Can’t understand if she likes you? Have you noticed her blushing when looking at you? Meets you often despite having a busy schedule? Women are hard to understand and thus knowing what they feel is difficult at times. Her behaviour when you are near will speak a lot about what she feels about you. So you can know their feelings by paying attention to their behaviour towards you. Sometimes the women feel shy to express their feelings directly for the fear of being rejected or for the fear of ruining the friendship.

If you have feelings for any girl but are not sure whether she has the same feelings for you. Before planning your first move, noticing these signals to know what she thinks about you is important:

  • Blushes: If a girl is attracted to you, you will see her blushing while talking with you. Looking at her face after complimenting her can help you in getting your answer. If she blushes and smiles when you are talking then it is a sign of her being attracted towards you. 
  • Catch her glancing at your side: If you find her staring at you and she looks back when you catch her glancing at you, that’s an obvious sign that she likes you. 
  • Her family and buddies know you:  Girls love gossiping about crushes to their friends. If she likes you then she will surely talk about you to her friends. 
  • Spend more time with you: If she makes more plans, take initiative to go out for dinner or movie outings with you, that’s a sign of her asking you out indirectly. Have you noticed the conversations between you both getting intimate and flirty? That all speaks about her feelings for you. 
  • Calls you often: When a woman is attracted to you, she will call you often, especially at times when she is free, and continue chatting for hours. This long conversation, more calls are signs that she wishes to be your girlfriend. 
  • Tease youIf a woman wants to flirt with you, instead of doing that they tease you.  Then when you start teasing them back, they give a flirty reply to annoy you back. 
  • She makes fun of you and her being a partner: Girls do this to drop hints so that you can know what they feel about you. As she wants you both to be a couple and thus cracks jokes to let you know and understand her feelings for you. 
  • Smiles at your sight: If a girl is into you, she will not be able to resist her smile after seeing you. 
  • Flirting with hair: When a girl acts flirty with you, they twirl their hair which indicates that she is trying to tease or she is attracted to you. But it’s a positive sign for you as it shows her attraction. 
  • Preening: If you find a girl fixing her look to make herself elegant in front of you, this might be a sign of her interest in you. 
  • Gives the effort to continue conversations:  If you notice any girl trying to keep the chat going whether it’s over text or call, this shows that the girl is interested in you as she is trying to engage with you wholeheartedly.  
  • She remembers what you tell: If she remembers the dumbest to the craziest things you said to her, it will show that she has some feelings for you. She pays attention to what you say as she finds you intriguing. 
  • Copying your gesture: If a woman is copying your nature or using the same slang as you,  is an obvious sign that she is attracted to you. 
  • Sits closer with you: A girl who is attracted to you will like to sit with you. If you find a girl wanting to sit with you and loving your company that clearly shows that she adores you. 

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You are a guy and want to let a girl know about your feelings? But are you confused about her feelings for you? You need to look for some signs to know what she feels for you. Although there are no rules to understand this and might not be applicable for all these works for many. 

If a girl is attracted to you she will smile at you, she might blush, can feel nervous, flirt with hair, etc. If you notice her you will get your answer. In case you could not do all these, you can date an escort in London having decent client reviews.   

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