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Green gift ideas for holidays all year round!

by Uneeb Khan

If you are passionate about the environment and doing what you can to live green, let it show during the holidays in the gifts you give to family and friends.

Make your own green cards

Rather than buying store-bought holiday cards, make your own out of recycled paper and art supplies at home. Homemade cards are much more personal than something store bought, and they can convey your humour, love and understanding of the person who receives one. Homemade cards also send a message about how important the environment is to you. Encourage the kids to make them too – few things are as adorable and meaningful as a child’s hand-drawn holiday card.

Use recycled wrapping paper and boxes

One of the finest and most effective, proven methods to reduce your carbon footprint is to reuse wrapping paper and boxes already in your home. If you do not have any leftovers from last year, make sure you buy 100% recycled gift wrap and gift boxes. If you end up throwing them out, recycle them properly.

Homemade organic and fair-trade gifts

While you are at it, why not make your gifts yourself? Some ideas: Crochet a warm and cosy scarf, hat or blanket; can some homegrown fruits and vegetables or bake some of your famous holiday cookies and present them in hand-painted jars; make a reusable fabric shopping bag with a logo or design the person will enjoy; plant some ornamental bulbs in delicate teacups or make a homemade holiday wreath out of dried flowers. Whatever it is you decide to create, make sure the ingredients and supplies are organic and fair trade certified.

Organic decorations

Use flower plant, recyclable fabrics, indoor plants Bangalore and other forms of organic materials to decorate your home during festivals. These items are perishable, so they will not pollute the environment and will look naturally captivating. Another pro of getting such a decoration put up in the space is its positive impact. Plants and flowers not only have a positive effect on mental health but also supply their surroundings with pure and fresh air. That sounds like a good deal, right?

Buy a living Christmas tree

During Christmas, it can be very challenging to maintain certain events. If you do not have a tree yet, consider buying a living Christmas tree that is still alive and in the pot.

As you may know, a living tree has many benefits: They can be planted, are mobile because they are potted, and are less messy from dry, falling needles. They are great for the environment, too. After the holidays, you can plant the tree in your yard, and the tree will become a renewable source of fresh pine cones each holiday.

Or, rent one instead!

Another growing trend and eco-friendly option is to rent a tree from a tree rental farm instead of buying a cut one. When you rent a Christmas tree, the rental company will drop off the tree at your home and then pick it up after the holidays. The company will re-plant it in the ground to be used again next year. If you do go for a cut tree, regular tree farms are sustainable because they plant at least one new tree or more whenever one is cut. Most municipalities offer tree recycling, or there are private companies that you can drop off your tree to that will find another use for them, such as submerging trees in water to become fish and wildlife habitats.

Use LED lights

Opt for LED lights instead of regular lights for whatever type of tree you have. LED holiday lights use up to 90% less electricity than traditional holiday lights and incandescent bulbs. They’re also about the same price as a regular strand of lights. And the best part is that you can absolutely use these same lights for decorations all around the year. So whip them out for Diwali, birthdays, baby showers, etc.

Try these effective and easy holiday hacks today and get started on the holiday planning errand!

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