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Get To Know What Successful Drug Rehabs in Texas Have in Common

by Uneeb Khan

Success Rate of Drug Rehab Programs

It is challenging to get reliable data on the success rates of drug rehab programs. It’s difficult for treatment facilities to maintain tabs on how many of their former patients have remained clean. Contrarily, tracking the number of patients who successfully finish their prescribed courses of therapy is simpler. The average completion rate for publicly sponsored drug rehabs is around 65%. Therefore, if you are looking for the ideal treatment program, you should choose one with a completion rate of at least 65%. Following through with treatment is essential to maintaining sobriety and avoiding relapse. However, the most effective drug rehab programs have a few key characteristics. 

Drug Rehab Success Is Up to You

Your own strengths and motivation are crucial to your success in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Treatment can only help if the individual wants to stop using. Maintain a positive and hopeful attitude during your time in drug rehab. You must have faith in your ability to stop abusing drugs and alcohol. All people have the potential to break free from destructive habits permanently. 

What Successful Drug Rehabs Have in Common 

  1. Common Features of Successful Drug Rehabs: Customized Care Plans

Drug rehab centers that are effective will cater to your every need. Unfortunately, there is currently no universally effective method for treating or curing drug and alcohol addiction because of the complexity of the condition. The most effective rehabilitation facilities design unique treatment programs for each patient. They customize their approach to each patient based on their specific health issues and life situation (such as gender, age, ethnicity, and overall health). 

  1. Common Features of Successful Drug Rehabs: Dual Diagnosis

Multiple mental disorders may occur along with drug and alcohol addiction. Anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions are common in those who are in drug rehab. Care for all co-occurring mental health issues is a hallmark of the most effective addiction treatment centers. All entering patients are screened for mental health problems and treated concurrently at these drug rehabs. Regular, one-on-one therapy is an integral part of any effective rehabilitation program. An in-depth discussion of the causes of your addiction is made possible in this setting. 

  1. Common Features of Successful Drug Rehabs: Offers a Wide Variety of Treatment Plans

Most of a patient’s time in rehab will be spent participating in therapeutic activities. Substance abuse is not simply a medical condition. Mental, behavioural, neural, and physiological components all play a role in the development of drug and alcohol addiction. The best programs for addiction treatment include a wide variety of effective therapies. Group therapy, individual therapy, and creative approaches like music and art therapy are all possibilities.  

Mallard Lake Boasts High Success Rates Among Its Patients in Houston, Texas

At Mallard Lake Detox Center, we trust in the efficacy of our evidence-based treatments and holistic therapies. You can participate in a thorough addiction treatment program for a total of 120 days in our drug rehab. Let’s say that despite your best efforts to implement the program’s relapse prevention strategies and remain sober, you had a setback the first year after finishing the program. If that’s the case, you can return to our alcohol and drug treatment center with subsidized or zero payments. Reach out to our online team of experts right now and begin your journey to recovery,

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