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Follow These Top Bathroom Trends to Make Your Space Stylish

by Uneeb Khan
Bathroom Installation Southampton

If you are planning for a bathroom renovation, then you have stumbled upon the right place. We have all the trends that will be dominating the bathroom spaces this year and for the coming one too.

Studies show that bathrooms are usually overlooked by homeowners when it comes to their design and concept philosophy. It is assumed that they cannot be as glamorous as required. But that is not true. Your bathroom design is equally important as your bedroom or living room. And with a team of professional Bathroom Installation Southampton experts, you can bring almost any design to life.

Bathroom Design Trend Inspirations for 2022

With the right inspiration, you can never go wrong with a stunning design. We have culled up a set of dominating trends this year; keep reading to choose the ones you wish to add to your space.

1. Plants:

This bathroom interior decor trend has made a comeback and well, it is here to stay. You can add potted plants to your bathrooms, without any fear because this trend will be following next year too (for sure).

Adding more nature to almost any space induces a feeling of calm and relaxation. During the pandemic, as people were forced to stay indoors, the addition of plants to the interior became a huge trend. It is a cost-effective way to style your space.

2. Spa-Like Bathrooms:

Spa-like bathrooms are a HUGE yes this year. The addition of luxe features to your bathrooms can add immense value to your property. euro-inspired shower doors, thicker glasses, and minimal frame designs; are some of the many elements that can be added to a bathroom when planning a spa-like retreat. Yet again, as we were restricted from visiting spas, adding that very element to our own homes has been a delight. And with time, this trend is skyrocketing.

3. Murals:

Are you planning to ditch the “all-white” bathroom trend? Well, you are not alone. The interior design experts encourage you to experiment as people are now adding mural walls to their bathrooms. And they definitely look stunning.

Creating a statement wall can be a great idea. It perks up your bathroom and makes it more relaxing. Unwind and feel calm, as you wash off the tiredness of the entire day.

4. Marble:

Marble can never go out of style! If you think that murals aren’t your thing, then marble would never fail to impress you. Marble is available in a variety of colors now. You can ditch the white statement and opt for neutrals like gray or maybe experiment with black. Use contrasting materials to build a perfect visual attraction for your space.

5. Add Different Textures and Materials:

The combination of textures and materials is a huge trend in 2022, especially for bathroom spaces. The minimal design approach for bathrooms is definitely stepping back for a while. And homeowners are loving it. The addition of textures, colors, and materials is being adored by the majority and will be experienced a lot more in the coming months. We predict that it will definitely make its way in 2023 too. But time will tell.


If your bathroom is looking dull or old; it is time to get it refurbished as soon as possible. And with the above-mentioned tips, you can create the most stunning and aesthetic bathroom for space, for sure. We highly recommend Euro-Lec Southern LTD for a new bathroom installation service. They also offer Immersion Heater Replacement and much more, all in one place.

Remember, you can have the perfect design idea but if you don’t have a professional team, to put it all together; it won’t ever shine as it should. Thus, invest time in choosing the right team, just like you take time to select the right bathroom design.

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