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Five Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Dining Outside

by Uneeb Khan
Dining Outside

The number of restaurants opening across the towns is increasing at an excessive growth rate. Eating out with your family or friends is a great way to boost your energy. All of us need some time out of our regular and ordinary life. But know that the excessiveness of anything is bad for you. You should maintain a balance between eating out and enjoying home-cooked meals. Sometimes it is better to skip the tours to the counter top display fridge of stores and treat yourself to fresh meals from restaurants. The rise of dining in restaurants is also bringing rapid growth in local eaters. More and more families are dining out on weekends to regain the energy for the upcoming week. Being a frequent place to go, it is a must-have for you to be aware of all dining etiquette.  

Formal dining is a complete course that many restaurants and colleges teach. There are various rules and etiquette that every diner has to follow while dining out. There are dining etiquettes that everyone needs to follow, whether they are visiting a self-service restaurant or fine dining. Some restaurant etiquettes are more like common sense. For example, do not eat with a full mouth, do not talk negatively or rudely with the server, and do not make a mess of your meal. But other restaurant etiquettes are a bit subtle and nuanced. For example, where to put your napkin, when to order the drinks, and how to call the servers. 

You might be surprised to know how many rules of fine dining we have been ignoring throughout our lives. In this article, we are jotting down the most common blunders people make when they dine out. It is time to pinpoint the mistakes that can make your dining experience a hitch. Keep reading the below point to learn the five mistakes everyone needs to avoid while dining outside.

Mistakes you should not make while dining out:     

Some eating etiquettes are a must to follow, whether you are heading on a romantic date with your partner or to a business meeting. You will need to learn the right ways and rules to behave at a restaurant. The last thing you want is to embarrass yourself while spending a large amount of money on dining. Below are the five mistakes to avoid making next time you visit a fancy high-end restaurant or dining spot.        

1. Do not stack all your dirty plates:    

Many people unintentionally stack their dirty and empty plates on their tables. While you are unaware, stacking the dirty dishes will look unpleasant to the other diners. It is best to leave this work to the restaurant staff. Many people will also suggest that making the tower of the dirty plates gives the illusion that good service is not good enough. Moreover, stacking the dishes on each other will not prove helpful for servers while cleaning the table.  

2. Not use a loud voice to call the server:    

While dining outside, it is a must to make sure you do not disrupt the other diners. Using a loud voice to get the server’s attention is a rule that everyone should follow. After the church and library, the restaurant is the third place where you need to speak in a hushed tone. Raising your volume will rattle the carefully created peaceful atmosphere. You do not want to bring unwanted attention with a high tone of voice.       

3. Keep the rim of the plates clean:     

It is disrespectful for servers to leave your plates like some nine-year-old was eating. You will need to ensure that you leave the rim of your dishes as neat as you can while dining and at home. Servers have to grab the plates from their edge. That is why it is rude to leave the corner with leftover food. You can use the upper left part of the plates for the discards. The bottom right area of the plates is for sauces and butter.     

4. Do not announce your restroom visit:    

The biggest mistake to commit while eating outside is announcing that you are going to the restroom. In your opinion, this might be harmless, but many will think it is rude and might seem disgusting. You can excuse yourself if you want to visit the restroom.  

5. What to do with your napkin?    

The first rule of the napkin is to keep it in your lap while sitting. The second rule is that the napkin should never return to the table until you have finished your meal. Make sure you place the neatly folded napkin in your lap. If you have not completed your meal and want to visit the restroom, place the napkin on the arm of the chair. The last rules of napkins say that dab your mouth and avoid rubbing with it.

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