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Find the Best IVF Center in Jodhpur with High Success Rates

by Uneeb Khan
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In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is an assisted reproductive technology procedure that includes retrieving eggs out of the woman’s ovaries and further fertilising them with the retrieved male sperm. IVF is used when other fertility methods fail, or fertility issues prevent pregnancy. 

While there are different steps in the IVF procedure, selecting the best IVF centre in Jodhpur with consistent, sky-high success rates is important. It is essential because it increases your chances of having successful infertility treatment. It helps you in avoiding unnecessary expenses. As well as relieving you of mental and emotional rigour while going through the IVF journey. 

If you are also planning fertility treatment or looking out for a consultant, Aastha Fertility Center in Jodhpur will offer you the best treatment.

While researching the best IVF centre in Jodhpur, here are a few suggestions.

Points to Consider to Find the Best IVF Centre In Jodhpur

Questions to Consider When Choosing a Fertility Specialist

How Responsive And Receptive Are They?

The willingness of the fertility specialist matters a lot.

  • How detailed and in-depth are their answers to your questions?
  • Also, are they available to answer questions through their email?

Their Level Of Experience And Background

It is determined by when and where the fertility specialist was trained.

  • How long have they been trained?
  • For how long have they been working with fertility patients?
  • Are they board-certified?

Are There Andrologists, Urologists, And Reproductive Surgeons On Standby In Your Clinic?

Having andrologists, urologists, and reproductive surgeons on the ground is essential. Most significantly, for male infertility issues, having an andrologist or urologist on the team is necessary; they can work with a reproductive endocrinologist. Having a reproductive surgeon in reach is also essential for patients with endometriosis or any structural issues.

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Questions Patients Must Ask Related To Finance And Treatment:

Here are a few questions to consider as regards finance and treatment in the course of IVF treatment.

1.      What Is The Price Range For Various Tests And Treatments?

  • What are the quoted prices for the various test and treatments?
  • What does the mentioned price cover, including medications, monitoring, and embryo stage?
  • If not, what is the total fee, including the medications and monitoring?

2.      Is There A Payment Structure?

  • How do they receive payments?
  • Do you have to pay a percentage in advance?
  • If yes, how much?
  • If, during the IVF treatment, your cycle is cancelled before egg retrieval, what do you pay?
  • What if an egg retrieval is cancelled before embryo transfer?
  • Do they cover IVF costs under health insurance?

3.     Is There An IVF Refund Program?

IVF refund programs are a technique that promises some of your money back if you don’t get pregnant after a specific number of cycles.

You must be sure the refund program allows you to state how many embryos are transferred. It should also allow you time to break between cycles, usually more than a month. It is necessary for effective recovery both physically and emotionally.

Questions to Ask for Lab and Procedures

1.     Is There An Onsite Lab In The Clinic?

  • Where are procedures and tests done?
  • Does the clinic have an onsite lab, or would you have to go elsewhere for the tests and lab procedures?
  • If yes, how far is the lab from the clinic?

2.     What Procedures Are Available At The Clinic?

  • Do they perform IVF, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), Blastocyst transfer, or other assisted reproductive technology options?
  • Are these procedures performed right in the clinic or at a different location?
  •  If it’s a different hospital, which hospital?   
  • If you don’t stay near the clinic, will it be allowed that specific tests and procedures are done closer to your home?

3.     What Procedure Will Be Most Suitable For Your Case?

  • Will they suggest ovarian stimulating drugs alone or Intrauterine insemination (IUI) before moving on to IVF?
  • What number of cycles of IUI will they try?

Factors to Consider While Finalising the Fertility Clinic

Before finalising your choice of a fertility clinic, think about these:

1.     Location Of The Clinic

The IVF treatment requires you to be consistent at the clinic almost daily for part of your cycle. One must consider how close the clinic is to your home. If you need to travel, remember that you’ll need lodging and time away from work.

2.     Are The Staff Receptive?

There is a high tendency that you will be working with the clinic for months and sometimes years. Do you get detailed answers to your questions from them? Are they thoughtful and helpful? Or do you feel like they are hurrying you into certain decisions you ought to take time to make?

3.     What Day And Time Is The Clinic Open? 

How many days of the week are they available, and what time? Are they open on weekends? If not, how do they manage IVF or IUI transfers that must be attended on weekends? All these must be discussed with your expert before finalising the treatment expert.


The fertility centre you eventually stick with plays a significant role in inferring the success rate of the IVF treatment. It will shape your broad experience during this phase.

Choosing a great centre like Aastha Fertility Centre will help alleviate the pressure that accompanies this process. Aastha fertility understands the pressures of this phase and offers the best treatment. With outstanding benefits, such as Counseling in Infertility, Infertility Workup, Interventional TVS, Diagnostic and Operative Hysteroscopy, and other benefits, experts will assist their patients with the best treatments and support. 

Contact the best fertility expert at Aastha Fertility Center or call (+91 9829 069 228) to book your online free consultation appointment.

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