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Find a web editor on LinkedIn | The 4 keys of Web

by Uneeb Khan
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The activity of web editor is an art that cannot be improvised in a few blog articles. You can always read ” Writing: Memoir of a Craft ” by Stephen King to write fluid and captivating texts. Working with a web editor will save you valuable time. Especially if you find someone who masters your area of ​​expertise and will capture the attention of your prospect.

A rare pearl that you won’t be able to do without! And if your SEO web editor has a perfect command of Search Engine Optimization, you will be able to see your articles appear in Featured Snippets. Also called Answer Box or position zero in the French-speaking community, this position displays you as a VIP in the Google SERP. A position showing authority, which will boost the click-through rate on the result mentioning your site. A luxury that only your editorial staff can master.

But then, how to find the right web editor? The one who will be able to write with as much passion as you, while placing your articles in position 0 of Google. You can of course find it on our Web platform. However, LinkedIn also offers significant advantages. Let us show you 4 keys to maximizing your chances of finding an SEO web editor on LinkedIn!

1 – Create an attractive LinkedIn profile to attract an SEO web editor

Charm the LinkedIn algorithm at the same time as your future editor. Web writers love keywords and so does LinkedIn. Your profile summary should clearly explain your blog or online business with relevant keywords. Why? Because the biggest activity of LinkedIn members is to view profiles. Profile photo, banner, experiences, skills, recommendations and interests. Make your LinkedIn profile attractive and thus attract your prospects and potential collaborators. You should also know that the more active you are on the social network, the more LinkedIn will put you forward on its professional search engine.

Being active on LinkedIn means:

  • make posts with content that creates engagement (comments);
  • illustrate your posts with photos;
  • add videos;
  • link PDF files;
  • or even use PowerPoint.

Don’t forget to include hashtags (the # key followed by your keyword: #LaRédacDuWeb) to reach a specific audience who will be interested in the subject. LinkedIn is the perfect platform to establish a B2B Pull Marketing strategy. That is to say to give value, to educate the other entrepreneurs who follow your profile to establish your authority. Hence the flagship expression of Pull Marketing: give three times before asking in return. Highlight the mission of your e-commerce or your blog. You will be a real bait and can thus find a web editor on LinkedIn. Put yourself in the shoes of a copywriter, a web editor specializing in writing articles that will turn the reader into a buyer. Are you a fashion and lifestyle blogger or a sports blogger? Display it clearly on your LinkedIn profile and you will greatly increase your chances of attracting ghostwriters for hire who would dream of writing about your topic.

2 – Find an available web editor with the LinkedIn search engine

Do you prefer to find your copywriter yourself rather than waiting for him to come to you? The “search” tab at the top of the navigation page will then be the easiest technique to find your web editor on LinkedIn. Type “SEO Web Writer”, “Freelance Web Writer” or “Web Copywriting” and you will then have several options available: 

  • The “All” tab: This is the main results page suggested by the LinkedIn search engine. This provides you with an assortment of different response types that can be expanded into other tabs. You know the “related searches” at the bottom of the Google results page? LinkedIn offers you a “Try to search” section with different choices of queries for your search.
  • The “People” tab: it allows you to view a list of web editor profiles. The first profiles that will appear will be those of the 1st level. The 1st level person is part of your contacts, your “professional friends” in a way. The 2nd level person is a person who has a “professional friend” in common with you. The 3rd level person has no contact in common with you, therefore impossible to contact. The person in common will therefore be a good starting point to break the ice with the 2nd level candidate. With LinkedIn, it’s all about relationships!
  • The “Content” tab: it will show you the publications and posts of people mentioning the term you typed in the search bar. You can therefore find both profiles of SEO web editors and companies announcing their search for a web editor. In this second case, do not hesitate to consult the answers in the comments. Your web editor may be hiding there!
  • The “Company” tab: you will discover a selection of companies offering web writing and more for certain agencies. Do not hesitate to consult them to find freelance web writers in their network.
  • The “Group” tab: based on the same principle as Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups allow you, depending on the topic, to group together several profiles and to exchange with each other. LinkedIn groups are also a great way to find leads based on your online business activity.

3 – Find a competent web editor with LinkedIn filters

When you search for your SEO web editor on LinkedIn via the “Search tab, you have the possibility of refining your search using various filters. These will be of great help for different reasons. You can instantly find what you are looking for: a web editor near you, in your city or with a background close to your profession. The LinkedIn search engine filters will allow you to find the perfect freelance web editor. Here is a detailed list of the many LinkedIn filters.

LinkedIn Filters for People Search 

Six tabs allow you to refine your search and find a web editor:

  • Relationships: the very basis of how LinkedIn works, find 1st, 2nd or 3rd level people. If you want to discover people already in contact with your contacts, then just click on the 2nd level filter.
  • Locations: Set a country, region, or city and surrounding area. This function is practical if you want to meet your web editor in a coworking in your city.
  • Current and previous companies: do you dream of a web editor who has worked for a particular company or multinational? This function will allow you to find the perfect candidate!
  • Sectors: e-marketing and advertising, architecture and urban planning, professional training and coaching… Regardless of your field of activity, you can find a web editor on LinkedIn who will be comfortable with your profession.  
  • Schools: Are you looking for a web editor with a degree in a business school? Do you want to bet on a feather that has passed through the Sorbonne? The “Schools” tab allows you to find a web editor trained by one of these prestigious schools of higher education.
  • Services: Do you want to work with a web editor with multiple hats? Who can offer copywriting, content strategy, UX (user experience) improvement, or email marketing. The “Services” tab can help you find a real Swiss army knife web editor. 

LinkedIn filter for content search

Three tabs refine the search for content: “published by “, “publication date “and “author’s sector “. It is especially the third which will be the most relevant for you. Do you want content for your real estate agency’s website? Type “real estate” in the “industry” tab and LinkedIn will find you content related to web writing and real estate. This is a good way to narrow your search for a web copywriter on LinkedIn. You will be able to browse examples of content creation made by a freelancer to present one of his articles on real estate. Have fun playing with the search bar by inserting keywords or hashtags and combining them with the various LinkedIn filters mentioned above. Thus, you will have a great chance of hitting the mark and shoeing your SEO web editor!   

4 – Find a professional web editor with LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

Not only are you too busy to write your blog posts, but you also have little time to recruit your SEO web editor? opt for “Recruiter Lite “, one of the four paid versions offered by the LinkedIn social network. This subscription allows you to unlock features to find and recruit web writing talent faster. A free version of LinkedIn limits you in interactions with other members if they are not 1st level. So, you can’t send InMail to them. The paid version allows you to send up to 30 InMail per month. It also gives you access to a fully personalized suggestion of candidates, an even more advanced search and the possibility of finding out who has consulted your profile. In short, the options to help you find your web editor are not lacking! 

What you must remember:

Finding a web editor on LinkedIn can be done in four ways:

  • build an attractive profile and create engaging posts using hashtags;
  • use the “search” tab to take advantage of the LinkedIn search engine;
  • combine multiple filters to find the right SEO web editor;
  • use the paid version of LinkedIn Recruiter Lite to unlock all the features of a recruiter.

Taming the LinkedIn social network takes time and investment. Know that Web is a professional platform that puts you directly in touch with freelance SEO web editors. Here, no need for InMail to be able to contact and discuss your blog articles or e-commerce site projects. Our SEO web editors, trained by Lucie Rondelet and her team, are all in your 1st level of contact!

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