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Features of kingdom valley that makes it different from other housing projects

by Uneeb Khan
Features of kingdom valley that makes it different from other housing projects

There are a lot of housing societies nowadays that offer you their best services. But you cannot find anything like kingdom valley Islamabad. It offers you to spend in the what is best for you. 

There are so many things about the kingdom family that convince you to buy property here. Such as payment plans, location, affordable prices, amenities, etc., do not waste your time and money here and there and invest in the best for the rest of your life. 

Kingdom valley housing society is located close to the M-2 motorway and was developed by the kingdom group. They are expert in construction business.

Kingdom valley offers services for you so that you invest your money from where you can get profit and a better rate of return. The kingdom valley Islamabad payment plan is cherry on the cake for all. The following reasons allow you to trust kingdom valley Islamabad and invest in it. Such as:

1          Location

The best thing that matters in property projects is their location. Project success and failure depend on the location. The primary reason to invest in kingdom valley is its prime location as it is situated near M-2 Islamabad Lahore. And it makes it a perfect and reachable location. The kingdom valley is assessable to the international Islamabad airport, M1 Islamabad Peshawar motorway and close to the Lahore Islamabad motorway. 

It is a half-hour drive from Rawalpindi, Rawat road, and Srinagar highway. And it is a few minutes’ drive away from Chakri road. Kingdom valley is surrounded by the smart capital city, blue world city, Nova city, and blue world city.

2          NOC of the project

When the project is approved, they have a higher success rate and timely completion. The NOC of the project is approved under the Naya Pakistan housing scheme. 

The reference number for the NOC is DRG/PHATA/2176-2021. Its amenities and features make it even more eye-catching from investors’ point of view. Due to its NOC, kingdom valley is at the top ranking of real estate projects.

3          Experienced Developers

Kingdom valley is developed by kingdom group, which has a name among those developers who produce 100% satisfactory services in real estate. The company follows values such as honesty, skills, teamwork, and understanding. 

The kingdom group is well known all over Pakistan for producing top-quality projects with the following services. Such as media, sales, construction and consultancy, digital marketing, and management.

4          Well Planned Project

The kingdom valley Islamabad is well-designed, well-planned, and developed by highly qualified experts and developers. They are working in construction industry for many years. 

The valley is a result of highly qualified engineers and architects who work day and night to make this dream project come true. And due to their hard work, the kingdom valley project came into existence with great quality. There are different societal blocks, such as residential, commercial, farmhouse kingdom, and oversea block. 

It also offers a range of commercial and residential properties of 1 Marla, 2 Marla, 5 7, and 10 Marla.

5          Affordable Payment Plan

Kingdom valley Islamabad payment plan offers easy installment and affordable payment plans. Due to cost-effective rates, the property in the society is among the best seller. 

It also gives attractive features to its residents. You can also utilize a four-year installment plan and buy your dream place in kingdom valley. If you want to know more about the payment plans of kingdom valley, you can contact lead marketing. 

6          Features that make kingdom valley different

The valley offers enormous facilities and amenities to its residents. It includes wide roads, green parks, and commercial hubs, and developers’ basic aim is to provide a better environment for its citizens. There are a lot of features that make kingdom valley distinguishable from other housing societies. Such as:

1.            Gated community

Everyone wants a safe and secure place for their kids and family. The place which makes you feel safe is everyone’s priority. 

The gated community of kingdom valley ensures everyone’s safety. It provides 24/7 cameras and surveillance so that everyone feels safe here. Boundary walls and foolproof systems provide high-level safety for residents.

2.            Quality infrastructure

The valley uses high-quality materials to build roads and infrastructure. The engineers also possess high professionalism and are committed to their job. That is why they make perfect development and produce a quality project. Streets and wide and beautiful.

3.            Healthcare center

The healthcare centers in society have the attention of everyone. Developers make sure to produce international standard hospitals and clinics for residents. It will be open for all in an emergency and will have 24/7 service.

4.            Educational institutes

Education is a top priority of society. That is why it also gives you an intentional level of educational institute for students. Professional and expert teachers will assist the students in every field.

5.            Better social life

Socialization is important for all as it is important for everyone’s mental health. That is why society is offering community centers for its residents to socialize and have fun.

6.            Mosque

Kingdom valley takes care of your religious views and needs. That is why it will offer a beautiful and well-structured grand mosque. The structure of the mosque is according to modern architecture and designs.

7.            Water facility

Society has well-thought-out the water necessities of the citizens. Massive amounts of water in reservoirs will stored to full the needs of residents. Filter plant in society guaranteed the pure water drinking facility for residents.

8.            Graveyard

Any society must include the cemetery. That is why the graveyard in the society will build for people to bury their loved ones as life and death is a part of life. The nearby graveyard also makes it easy for residents to visit their loved ones when they want.

7          Affordable luxury:

Developers of kingdom valley Islamabad provide affordable and luxurious life and facilities. Facilities and amenities are according to international living standards. 

Therefore if you need a lifetime investment and want to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, then buy the plots and properties at kingdom valley.


Kingdom valley Islamabad is among the top-rank housing societies in Pakistan. It provides a better return on investment and is guaranteed. Above mentioned reasons, reasons are enough for all people who want to invest somewhere which gives them a better return. 

If you want to know more about Kingdom valley new payment plan, its facilities, amenities, etc., contact lead marketing for assistance.

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