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Farming Equipment That Every Farmer Must Have

by Uneeb Khan

If you are planning to start a small farm in your backyard, then you need to have some essential equipment with you. These tools will not only help you finish your tasks on time but will also make farming easier for you. All of these farming equipment are available in the market at reasonable prices and in different sizes. So before wasting any more time, let’s get a brief idea of these equipment pieces.


You can use chains on your farm for many reasons other than just connecting machinery. Chains come in handy when you wish to bind big loads on your truck. This is naturally a better option than using ropes. While buying a chain, you need to ensure that the chain is of 3/8” type.

The chain of this type is strong enough to be used as logging equipment and also come in handy in 18-wheel trucks. Along with chains, you also need to get yourself some durable attachments such as hooks and shackles. These attachments will help you use chains more effectively. You can know more about using chains on the official site of kkisan.

Farming Jack

A farming jack is one such piece of equipment that will help you in fixing the layout of your farms. Putting a fence around your farm may be a time taking process but this equipment can do it in a few hours. Using farming you can save yourself some extra time. To build a fence that can last longer, you need to put up T- posts and you might also get to shift them across the field several times. Here, this equipment can help you pull out T- posts and move them around with ease.

Furthermore, it can also be used to pull out other items which you couldn’t get out with bare hands. You can also squeeze and push large objects in your farm. On several occasions, farmers use this with their trucks to pull heavy items of machinery.

Large Tactical Flashlight

To guard your farm at night from animals or any trespassers, you need to have a good-quality flashlight. These tactical flashlights are used by law enforcement agencies to conduct late-night searches. In addition to it, these lights will give you enough brightness to inspect your farm quickly under pitch-dark conditions. Tactical flashlights are also handy to carry and you can easily keep them in your farming dress.


Composting is one of the most common farming practices. And you need to get it right to make your farming extra productive. If you wish to know more about composting, you can visit kisan net. One of the machines that you would need to practice composting on your farm is a composter. Although a lot of farmers use DIY composters, buying a commercial one would make your work a lot easier. These units come with a polythene bag which you can use to carry around compost. Some of these commercial composters also have a tumbling unit in them which will give protection against rodents that may be present on your farms.

Customizable Spray Kit

To apply herbicides and pesticides uniformly over your farms, you would need a spray kit. Before buying it ensure that it has both cone and spray mode of spraying. You can switch between these modes depending on the speed of winds, thus it will help you save chemicals and spray them evenly. Your spray should also be able to modify the spray strength so that you can increase and decrease the pressure depending on the wind on your farm.

So these were some of the farming equipment that you would need if you are starting as a farmer. This equipment will not only save you time that you can employ in other farming activities but will also save your resources from getting wasted.

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