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Using Extended Reality Solutions to Solve Problems | Lifelike XR

by Uneeb Khan
Extended Reality

In the past few years, the term Extended Reality (XR) has exploded into public consciousness. XR is an umbrella term referring to various technologies that combine virtual elements with the real world. This includes augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and virtual reality (VR).

In practice, this means that we can see computer-generated images superimposed on our real-world environments through cameras, computers, and headsets. It’s a technology that’s only getting more popular and widespread. And while there are obvious applications for gaming and entertainment, it also has plenty of potentials to be used in other ways. Let’s look at how you can use AR, MR, and VR to solve problems in your organization and worldwide scale…

Maps-Helping People Find Their Way

One of the most obvious applications of extended reality solutions is helping people find their way. This can be done through AR advertisements or even by integrating them into public signage. 

There are a few ways you can do this: 

– Using AR to add directions to real-world objects: You can do this with advertisements or signs in high-traffic areas.

 – Adding directions to real-world objects: You can do this with stickers.

 – AR can also help navigate people through complex indoor areas like airports or theme parks. You can do this efficiently with the help of visual elements to text or by adding visual features to audio. So, overall, XR can help people find their way through more abstract concepts.

Assisting With Interviews and Counseling

Another use of AR is that you can use it for counseling settings to help visual learners, assist in the recall of memories, and illustrate complex concepts.

 – Visually Learners: Some people understand something well and are inclined if they can see it. In a counseling session, this type of person could benefit from the addition of extended reality solutions. 

– Recall of memories: Visual elements can help people recall everything during the interviews and counseling. You can make it possible even with the help of simple extended reality solutions like a photo or a sketch of a location. 

– Illustrate complex concepts: When talking about difficult concepts with clients, it can illustrate them with more visual aids. This benefit is especially helpful for medical and engineering students. Extended reality can eliminate the lack of resources problem easily. 

Offering Language Learning Opportunities

One of the most obvious applications of extended reality solutions for language learning is to help people practice their pronunciation. It can help people learn more effectively how specific sounds are formed and how they can form them too. 

You can do this easily by combining visuals and audio. Creating an application can work as an aid to help people learn. This is called a “modality” approach. Studies have shown it works more effectively than visuals or audio alone. These types of AR applications can also aid in learning about other concepts.

Using MR to Show Visitors What’s to Come

VR can assist various industries by providing simulated tours of what the future will look like. With these futuristic solutions, people visualize and understand the end. Green buildings or the construction industry can use this benefit as a priority. As it helps people visualize what their lives will be like after an architectural renovation. This could also provide simulated tours of events that won’t happen for years. Using extended reality solutions in political campaigns, stadium developments, and other projects can prove more beneficial than other solutions. It can save money for people as they will physically only attend the events they like without wasting time and money on other things.

XR for Non-Profit Organizational Problems

VR and AR can introduce people to what a situation is actually like. 

Using it in the context of refugee crises and other humanitarian disasters can provide an immersive experience that’s as close to the real thing as possible. 360-degree cameras or even a full-scale VR model help people understand situations such as the living conditions of these refugees. Who knows, it may aid people in understanding their role in helping with the crisis.

Virtual Reality for Non-Profit Organizational Problems

VR helps people confront difficult situations they might otherwise avoid. Examples include exposure therapy for people struggling with phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. It guides people to confront a problem that might otherwise look uncomfortable or lead to a panic attack. It can create emptiness among people as they help people understand what someone else’s situation is like. Helping people confront the circumstances surrounding a natural disaster or other crisis can create more harmony among societies. 

Augmented Reality for Non-Profit Organizational Problems

There are a few ways that AR benefits the non-profit sector. It provides more information about the organization. Doing this through the use of AR advertisements or AR posters helps people understand what the issues are that your non-profit is addressing. Again using the power of extended reality with the audio and videos can work seamlessly.

Mixed Reality for Non-Profit Organizational Problems

MR works in a variety of ways in the non-profit setting. As we already mentioned, one of the most obvious applications is to help people visualize the situation. This could be done by using computer models to imagine what the case is like. It could also be done by using computer models to visualize the solution to the problem.


XR technology is a powerful way to engage people and create experiences that lead to lasting memories. The best way to use these technologies is to ask yourself questions about what you want to communicate and what you want your audience to feel. From there, you can decide which technologies are best for achieving these goals and creating engaging content. 

And while you are deciding this, you only want to pair with the right partners who can help you achieve your extended reality goals. And one trustworthy and reliable partner for you is LifeLikeXR. LifeLike XR is the number one creative studio designing solutions for Metaverse, AR, VR, and 3D modeling. Lastly, thanks for reading this guide. Hope you enjoyed it.

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