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Escada Perfume Review | Perfume Elegance

by Uneeb Khan
escada perfume

If you love fragrances, Escada might be the right brand for you. There are 66 different fragrances available. The perfumes created by a team of perfumers that includes Nicolas Beaulieu, Amandine Clerc-Marie, Dominique Ropion, Ilias Ermenidis, Francoise Caron, Laurent Bruyere, Sonia Constant, Jean-Pierre Bethouart, Sophie Labbe, Caroline Sabas, and Francis Kurkdjian. Each of these perfumes has a unique, feminine scent that will make you stand out from the crowd.

66 fragrances

You can find 66 fragrances from Escada in our perfume shop. They created by renowned perfumers such as Ilias Ermenidis, Francoise Caron, Laurent Bruyere, Jean-Pierre Bethouart, and Gabriela Chelariu. You can also choose from the Escada Sport line of men’s accessories and apparel. There are several fragrances for men available from Escada.

If you’re looking for a fruity floral scent, Escada Taj Sunset is for you. It features notes of orange, strawberry, and raspberry with musk and sandalwood. This fragrance is sweet and evocative of tropical vacations. You can also try Escada Sunset Heat, which is a light and fresh scent that has a touch of sweetness and tropical fruits. Whether you choose one or all of these fragrances, you’ll surely find the right one for you.

Bright packaging

The colorful and whimsical Escada perfume Cherry in the Air Eau de Parfum is a playful fragrance, perfect for spring and summer. This fragrance is especially charming because of its bright, playful packaging. It features a mischievous bow on the bottle, and it smells just as delightful. It is a great blend of fruity, floral scents, reminiscent of a summer afternoon spent on the beach. Bright packaging for Escada perfume is a key component to the success of the brand.

The bright colors and unusual shapes of the bottles help define the Escada perfume online line. The fragrances have an uplifting and feminine scent, with notes of pear, ambrette seed, and grapefruit. Other notes include Turkish rose absolut, ylang-ylang, and plum and prune accords. The base notes are cashmere wood, white musk, Madagascar vanilla, and patchouli. Bright packaging makes Escada fragrances stand out from the crowd.

Fruity notes

If you’re looking for a fruity scent, consider ESCADA’s new Fairy Love fragrance for women. This limited edition fragrance is a blend of exotic fruit notes with a hint of musk and a soft vanilla base. This scent created by Dorothee Piot, and has the same fruity notes of the original Sunny Frutti scent. Its top notes feature real fruit salad and topped by floral notes of lily of the valley, rose, and orris root. During the base, deep moss and musk leave a soft musk base.

A woman who loves the scent of sweet desserts may prefer the Candy Love fragrance from Escada. Its fruity accord is a blend of candy apple, rose, and vanilla whipped cream. It has a warm, sultry scent that blends well with floral fragrances, making it the perfect choice for a romantic evening. Another perfume that combines sweet and fruity notes is Marine Groove by Escada. It’s ideal for jetsetting glamor, thanks to its fruity opening and sexy musk base.

Woody notes

This fragrance is based on the woody note, and is a great choice for men. It is rich and sensual, and is a wonderful alternative to other scents from the brand. Woody notes are one of the most common scents in men’s fragrances. It is also unique among fragrances from the brand, because it is a fragrance with three main accords. Whether you want to wear a masculine or feminine scent, you will find a scent to suit your personality.

The woody family is the most common type of fragrance found on men, but you can find perfumes for women as well. The main natural woody notes are cedar, vetiver, patchouli, cypress, and sandalwood. Sandalwood is a unique variety that sourced from Southeast Asia and is protected by the Indian government. It also grows in Australia and New Caledonia. You can find fragrances based on these notes in both men and women’s scents.

Rose de Chine

Escada’s Rose de Chine fragrance introduced in 1984. The fragrance features a heart made of floral-oriental notes and a base of patchouli and sandalwood. This scent inspired by Margaretha Ley’s passion for flowers. She wanted the fragrance to be bright and feminine, and she incorporated orange blossom, peach, and hyacinth. It fades to a musky, dry base.

Unlike other floral scents, Rose de Chine is a cologne that evokes a sense of romance. Its floral heart evokes the beauty of Chinese silk, while its softer, milky base hints at amber and vanilla. This fragrance made in small batches and retails for $165. The scent is particularly appealing to women because it’s suitable for almost any occasion. Escada is available in a variety of sizes, including 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml.

Island Kiss

Escada Island Kiss is a limited edition summertime scent. It contains notes of passion fruit, mango, and orange. The fruity scent will make you want to relax on a tropical island. Listed below are a few reasons why Island Kiss is a great summertime fragrance. All scents from Escada have a tropical flair, so you will be sure to find one that appeals to your taste. Let’s take a closer look!

This scent was created by perfumer Philippe Romano and inspired by the Greek islands. It limited in production and has been available since 2004 as a summer-time scent. The scent contains notes of tangy red berries, passion fruit, orange, white peach, and hibiscus. Its citrus-based scent is fresh and energizing, perfect for warm weather climates. The scent is also known to last for a long time.

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