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Engagement Ring Styles That Are Elegant

by Faisal Sheikh
Engagement Ring Styles

It’s no secret that engagement styles come in various styles and types. Every couple is different so it makes sense that they would want a unique engagement ring. Fortunately, there are enough style options available to suit every couple’s preferences.

You can choose from cuts, shapes, and sizes for your engagement rings. There are various color options available for these rings as well. You can even choose the type of diamond you want in these rings.

Mined and lab grown diamonds are the most common choices for engagement rings these days. The same goes for diamond wedding rings. The diamond engagement ring market size in the US and Canada is worth around $30 million.

Here we’ll focus on engagement ring styles that are both elegant and easy to find.


The solitaire setting is among the most popular engagement ring styles today. This setting makes diamond rings look elegant yet modern. Couples looking for a ring to complement their special day are sure to love this engagement ring.

Most engagement ring styles feature metal prongs that hold the diamond in place. These rings are known as prong setting rings. The most common among these rings is the solitaire setting ring. This classic ring style features several kinds of diamonds.

The style of this ring makes it ideal for those wanting to flaunt a single stone. The base metal used in solitaire rings isn’t very noticeable. Instead, the highlight of the ring is the diamond placed in the center.

The great thing about solitaire rings is that they’re versatile. This design has been around for a long time. Yet, its minimalistic style makes it appear modern. So, it suits various preferences. You can add any gemstone to a solitaire ring.

But, the most popular choice for these rings remains diamonds. Jewelers use mined or lab-grown diamonds in these rings. The two kinds of diamonds are indistinguishable in every material respect. But, lab-grown diamonds are nearly 30% cheaper than mined diamonds.

So, you can opt for solitaire rings with lab-grown diamonds if you’re on a budget. You won’t need to compromise on your options in this way. The same solitaire ring variations are available in mined and lab-grown diamonds.


Vintage engagement rings are a big hit among those wanting to add an extra special touch to their big day. These rings feature elaborate designs and more than one stone. Often, you’ll find a large stone in the center surrounded by smaller stones.

Also, the base metal of these stones is often carved in intricate patterns. So, they’re not plain in any sense. These rings are meant to make a statement. A great feature of vintage engagement rings is that they’re available in many varieties.

You’ll find these rings with colored or plain gemstones in the center. The ornate details of these rings help the center stone stand out. But, the surrounding stones catch the eye as well. Many people choose to have a colored diamond in the center of their vintage rings.

Colorless stones are then placed around the colored stone in an elaborate pattern. This adds a layer of sparkle to the ring. You’ll be likely to notice new details every time you look at a vintage engagement ring.

These rings are considered elegant because they complement various outfits. People often assume that vintage rings are too flashy but this isn’t the case. Vintage engagement rings are now available in simple designs as well.

For instance, you’ll find solitaire vintage rings in various jewelry stores. These rings would add an extra layer of sophistication to your wedding outfit. Also, since they’re minimalistic, they would be great for everyday use too.


Bezel settings are among the oldest types of settings for diamond rings. These rings remain popular today for several reasons. These rings differ from classic diamond rings in one important aspect: they don’t have prongs. The most common types of diamond rings like solitaire rings have prongs.

So, if you don’t want prongs but want an elaborate setting, bezel engagement rings are the way to go. In these rings, the base metal slightly overlaps the edges of your center stone. This is why these rings don’t need metal prongs to hold the ring in place.

The design of these rings makes them ideal for fragile stones. But, that doesn’t mean they’re not great for diamonds. This ring style is great for couples on a budget. The reason behind this is that this setting makes the central stone appear larger.

The setting itself is costlier than most other types of settings. But, if you opt for cheaper base metal and a lab-grown diamond, you can save money with this ring style. Also, this setting is ideal for those that are afraid of wear and tear. The design of the setting allows it to protect your diamond from the effects of daily use.


Channel set diamond rings are another kind of elegant diamond ring. This kind of ring features tiny grooves along the metal band. Small gemstones are placed in these grooves. So, these rings feature two metal bands on either side of the gemstones.

This feature of channel set rings makes them larger than other kinds of engagement rings. But, people prefer this setting because it makes rings appear brighter.

The most common type of stone for channel set rings is the princess cut diamond. Many people opt for smaller stones surrounding the diamond to save money on the ring. After all, wedding day diamond jewelry doesn’t come cheap.

You may want to wear diamonds on your wedding day if your engagement ring contains diamonds. So, it makes sense to look for options to save money on these rings if you can.

Another reason why channel set rings can help you save money is that the gemstones in them are secure. So, you’ll be less likely to spend money on replacement stones if you opt for this kind of ring.


These are among the most elegant kinds of engagement rings available today. It’s a good thing that they’re convenient to buy and use as well. It makes sense to find a ring that complements your partner’s personal style.

After all, they may want to wear other kinds of diamond jewelry on their big day. So, ideally, the ring they wear should match their diamond earrings or studs as well. The same goes for a necklace or diamond bracelet if they’re wearing one.

Remember to bear this in mind while looking for an elegant engagement ring for them.

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