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Effective Tips for Cool Room Cleaning

by Uneeb Khan
Cool Room Cleaning

Have you heard about the term cold rooms? Cold rooms are basically storage places where the processing and storing of food and drinks is done. As a result, cold rooms are prone to getting dirty and contaminated by microorganisms quickly. Generally, cold rooms are designed by using metal insulated panels. Have a look at the different types of coatings on refrigeration panels: 

  • A PVDF coating 
  • Polyester coating 
  • PET coating 
  • Plastisol coating 

Each coating has a distinct chemical composition and each one differs in its suggested use. The coating that is most readily used is Polyester coating. 

During the maintenance of a cold room, it is crucial to clean and disinfect the insulated panel without damaging it. It becomes important to clean them regularly to avoid any damage to their surface. In this blog, you can find out tips for cool room cleaning

Tips to Keep Metal Insulated Panel Surface Clean 

  • Make sure to clean the complete surface, from top to bottom
  • Rinse the surface with clean water 
  • It is advised to use the appropriate amount of cleaner. Exceeding the suggested quantity can cause damage to the surface. 
  • The ideal pH of the cleaner should be 4 and 9 
  • When doing high-pressure cleaning, make sure to not clean it perpendicularly or too closely. It is advised to hire professional HVAC cleaning services to clean the cool room panel because high-pressure cleaning might be challenging in a variety of circumstances. 
  • It is recommended to not leave the washing solution in contact with the metal surface 
  • Remove remaining trace of dust or dirt by using a non-abrasive cleaning 
  • Rinse the surface with clean water. 

What not to do while cleaning cool room surfaces?

  • Use no chlorine-containing cleaning agents or similar items.
  • Never combine several cleaning agents.
  • The surface of the metal insulated panel could be damaged if you use more of the cleaner than it is advised because this could lead to oxidation and harm your cold room.
  • The panel could be harmed by excessive cleaning.
  • The high temperature of a steam cleaner can harm the coating when used.

The above-mentioned tips are intended to help you clean the cool room panel effectively and safely. If you’re still unsure, think about hiring a professional cleanroom cleaner to conduct the task so that the entire procedure is handled expertly for the best cool room cleaning

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