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Quick Steps to Connect WPS PIN for HP Printer

by Uneeb Khan

The WPS pin on the printer is one of the beneficial features to have in your printer. The vast majority of HP printers include it. You may be trying to locate the WPS pin if you own an HP printer. Use the WPS button to quickly and conveniently link your printer to your wireless network. Let’s get to the bottom of it and figure out how to set up the WPS pin for HP printer.

What is a WPS Pin HP Printer?

For wireless connection to routers, HP printers create a unique eight-digit number called a WPS Pin. Only a wireless router may use it. Similar to passwords, WPS Pins allow you to securely connect your electronic gadgets to one another.

This WPS PIN will protect your printer from intruders like nosy neighbours or hotel staff who have no use for learning how to use your printer. As time goes by, every printer maker will incorporate WPS Pin technology. Now you may set up your HP printer for wireless printing by locating the WPS PIN.

How to Find a WPS Pin for an HP printer?

While the WPS button is often a dedicated physical button, certain printers may also provide access via the printer’s touchscreen interface.

 On the other hand, the WPS pin is clearly shown on the printer’s screen in the most recent HP wireless printers, such as the HP Office jet 4650, HP LaserJet WPS, and others. Inspecting the printer, one will see a little display with a WPS pin on it. This pin facilitates wireless connectivity. wps pin on hp printer are easy to locate in such a scenario. 

However, some HP printers, such as the HP Deskjet 2600, lack an LED panel on which to display the WPS pin. You’ll still need a WPS pin for these HP printers. How do you locate the WPS pin on these printers, then? In the subsequent part, we shall learn the answer

What are the Ways to Connect an HP Printer through WPS?

Wireless HP printers come in two varieties; those with an LED display screen and those without. That said, there are two distinct WPS Connections for HP Printer, each catering to a different type of printer.

  1. In the event that your printer doesn’t have an LED display, you can use the WPS Push Button to connect wirelessly.
  2. LED-displayed printers will need a WPS PIN code.

Steps to Connect WPS Pin HP Printer

  1. Connect the printer and router to the electricity.
  2. To connect the printer to a wireless network, hold down the WPS button for four or five seconds. When the printer is ready, the WPS indicator light will begin flashing.
  3. Check the main menu of your printer for wireless setup if it has a touch screen control panel. Turn on/activate the Wi-Fi setup process. It’s the first step in a connection request from your printer.
  4. Press the WPS button on the target router within two minutes to initiate the connection process. In order for the printer to connect to your current wireless network, simply let it at least 2 minutes.
  5. After following the instructions above, your printer should be connected to the wireless network, and you may verify the connection by printing a test page; printing from your PC requires installing the printer driver.


By following these quick steps, you’ll be able to connect WPS pin to HP printer. I hope it proved to be more handy than a tutorial. If the issue still persist, you can always connect with customer support representatives.

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