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Early Childhood Education Teacher Blogs

by Uneeb Khan
Early Childhood Education Teacher Blogs

The First Grade Parade
The Imagination Tree
Teach Preschool
Miss Kindergarten


You’re always looking for ideas for your classroom as an early childhood education teacher. Blogging is a helpful way to be inspired, find new ideas for your classroom, Kindergarten Preschool near Me, and connect with other teachers. They were picked for their sense of community and interaction, and for their innovative ideas.

The First Grade Parade:

Cara Carroll tell K-2 for 15 years. Her enthusiasm and love of teaching come through in all her posts. She covers topics like organization and providing teachers with games to make learning fun.

There are math guides that teachers can download and guided reading games. The topics are devices by groups and grades in curriculum.

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The Imagination Tree:

Anna, a primary school teacher in the United Kingdom, writes this blog. She taught school for ten years before staying at home with her four children, where she took the lessons from school and applied them at home.

She has activities that center around literacy, Preschool Options near Me, creativity, and physical fitness.

The resource pages feature inspiring outdoor play spaces, sand and gravel construction site play, and creating a math investigation area.

Teach Preschool

This blog is updated regularly with topics that will interest early childhood education teachers who are starting or need new inspiration and ideas.

We filter the topics by whether they are about literacy, art, STEM, sensory play, or classroom ideas.

Teachers trying to teach STEM topics early to children will find much information on science, technology, engineering, and math.

The blog covers the classroom organization through do-it-yourself projects like adding a new bookshelf or bulletin board.

Miss Kindergarten:

Hadar is a teacher who has spent time teaching kindergarten and first, second and third grade. She has found that her heart is in with the little ones in kindergarten.

Back-to-school posts, classroom setups, crafts, and posts on kindergarten common core are all available on the teacher blog.

There are plenty of freebies for download on the site and tons of information in every post.


Karen Cox has been writing this blog since 2000. She’s been teaching Pre-K for over 16 years and wanted to create a place where teachers can find free resources.

She shares lesson plans and free printables for teachers to use in their classrooms.

There are teaching tips for classroom organization and ideas like Scientist of the Day. Teachers often pay out of their pocket for supplies, and this blog has tips for making inexpensive classroom aids.

To become successful in the classroom, early childhood educators interact with other teachers.

Many of these blogs can lead to interactions with others in the field who understand the joys of teaching.

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