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Dune Buggy Ride Through Dubai Desert: 8 Tips For A Satisfying Experience

by kazim kabir

A city like Dubai caters to all types of tourists, especially those who seek thrill and adventure. Various activities and sports are available for them, including skydiving, zip-lining, and paragliding. One of these trendiest activities is Dune buggy riding at the private Desert Safari Dubai. 

Dune Buggy rental in Dubai allows you to explore the Gulf desert and have a fun-filled time with your family and friends. To make this experience more satisfying and exciting, follow the 8 tips when planning your trip. 

8 Tips to Make Your Dune Buggy Experience Memorable

  1. The More, the Better

A solo excursion is the best option to enjoy the desert in solitude. Nevertheless, you may be concerned about your security when you are alone. 

However, we know that the UAE is one of the safest countries in the world. Many tourists traveling alone for the first time may feel insecure, so it’s better to tag along with a group or plan with your friends. Also, traveling alone may restrict the range of activities you can participate in and enjoy thoroughly compared to traveling with a group. 

A group trip can be more advantageous for several reasons, such as you might pay less per head than if you went on a solo trip. Additionally, there are more options for activities when you travel with a group, and you will always have things to do.

Again, sharing fun and laughter with family and friends is the best part of any activity you sign up for. You’ll make lifelong memories, and it’s a great way to bond. Taking a dune buggy rental in Dubai with your friends in the desert will undoubtedly be a lifetime memory.

  1. Don’t Overpack For Your Ride

Handling a large bag can be inconvenient as you attend various daily activities. Your last concern should be for your bags to get lost in the sand after falling off the buggy. Don’t overpack; you’ll have no trouble hopping from one adventure to another during your private desert safari Dubai.

  1. Protect Your Electronic Devices

Your dune buggy tour will undoubtedly provide some memorable moments, so remember to take photographs with your phone or camera. However, remember to keep them safe from scratches and damage caused by fine sand. Also, avoiding water damage if you suffer an accidental spill is important.

Put your electronic devices into a tightly fitting bag and seal it tightly before putting them in your backpack. You can also ask your rental company to provide these plastic bags. 

  1. Bring Motion Sickness Medicine For Your Ride

Occasionally, driving your dune buggy over the dunes can be uncomfortable and very bumpy. Motion sickness is common among visitors, and you might not be an exception. Eating motion sickness medication is always a good idea, even if you do not usually experience it.

Taking medicine before your ride avoids motion sickness, so you won’t have to cut short your adventures through the dunes. After the drive-in dune buggy rental in Dubai, you can go about the other activities you had planned for the day without fear of getting sick. 

Your tour guide or desert safari company can supply this medication if you forget to bring it. The staff usually brings these medications and other first aid supplies as part of their daily operations. 

Desert Planet tourism plants provide all these supplies to their customers, so if you are ever in the mood for a private desert safari Dubai be sure to contact them. 

  1. Be Sure to Eat and Drink Light Before Driving The Buggy

As mentioned earlier, dune buggy rides can be rather bumpy, so motion sickness medications can help ensure the ride is smooth and uneventful. To ensure you do not feel sick or uncomfortable during the drive, do not overeat or drink excessively before driving.

You should watch how much you eat and drink and what you consume. Those who suffer from nausea should avoid overly spicy foods. Similarly, having your meal several hours before riding the dune buggy rental in Dubai is advisable. This is done so the food is digested properly and you don’t face stomach problems during your ride.

  1. Keep Your Body Hydrated At All Times

A private desert Safari Dubai under the hot desert sun, climbing a few dunes on your dune buggy rental will quickly dehydrate you. Pack enough water and hydrate yourself throughout the drive to prevent feeling nauseous or dizzy.

Additionally, an isotonic drink should be carried with the water. These drinks quickly replenish fluids lost through sweating and carbohydrate energy.

  1. Remember to Obtain Insurance Coverage.

For dune buggy tours, dune bashing, and other activities, insurance is included. You must take out an insurance policy to protect yourself in case, God forbid, an accident happens. Review the terms and conditions; you may do so if you require additional coverage.

  1. Don’t Rush

A dune buggy rental in Dubai is a fun group activity, and you will likely be surrounded by other drivers eager to race and demonstrate their driving skills. The racing might be exciting, and everyone may pull off their best stunts, but you might also prefer driving slower and relaxing. Take your time and ensure your driving experience is as smooth as possible.

Alternatively, choose a time when fewer vehicles are in the desert to enjoy the tranquility that results from less traffic, preferably in the early morning hours. Furthermore, consider a route that receives less traffic. If you ask your tour guide for these insights, they should be able to provide them.


Dune buggy rental in Dubai is just one of many exciting activities available in the city

tour. Regardless of how long or short your drive may be, these tips can make it smooth and enjoyable. 
Of course, your priority should be selecting the best rental company that can provide all the facilities to cater to your needs, such as safety gear, a well-furbished buggy vehicle, and an expert guide. If you are in Dubai for some safari adventure, contact Enduro Bike Advanture.

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