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Development Status and Future Trend of China Stamping Parts Industry

by Mohamed Ali

Stamping is a forming processing method of workpieces (stamping parts) with required shape and size by applying external forces on plates, strips, pipes and profiles by stamping equipment and dies to cause plastic deformation or separation. Stamping parts are mainly products formed by stamping metal or non-metallic sheet metal through stamping die with the help of the pressure of the press. With the development of technology, the stamping industry is also changing with each passing day, and the requirements for technology are getting higher and higher.

Development Status of Stamping Parts Industry in China

The upstream of the stamping parts industry chain is mainly made of non-ferrous metals, steel and other raw materials, while the downstream is widely used in automotive, household appliances and other fields. Stamping parts processing and manufacturing industry is an important part of machinery manufacturing industry, and precision manufacturing is an important basis for advanced manufacturing. In order to achieve the strategic goal of becoming a manufacturing power, China has successively issued a number of industrial policies to promote the transformation of the manufacturing industry to advanced manufacturing. Among them, equipment manufacturing and precision electronic parts manufacturing are the key areas supported by the policy, bringing good development opportunities for the development of the stamping industry.

With the development of market demand, the current stamping parts will develop in the direction of lower cost, shorter delivery time and higher precision. At the same time, in order to solve the problem of automobile lightweight, new customized materials, ultra-high strength plates and composite aluminum will be widely used in various parts of the car body. In addition, in order to reduce the cost of automobile manufacturing and the number of parts, the degree of integration of parts has been constantly improved, which makes the forming process more complex.

Development Trend of China Stamping Parts Industry

Stamping forming technology will be more scientific, digital and controllable. Scientification is mainly reflected in the prediction and controllability of forming process, product quality, cost and benefit. The simulation technology of forming process will be widely used in practical aspects, and will be well integrated with digital manufacturing system. Artificial intelligence simulation technology and intelligent control will be able to complete the forming process of complex shaped parts in the design stage, avoid defects in the forming process, thus reducing the number of die debugging and realizing the complexity of products. In other words, stamping technology will mainly develop towards intelligent forming simulation, high-speed production and high-precision. Therefore, from the perspective of design technology, the development focus is to vigorously promote the application of CAD/CAE/CAM technology, form unique empirical data and continuously improve efficiency and accuracy, especially the computer simulation analysis technology of sheet forming process.

With the increasing market demand, large-scale production of automobile stamping parts has emerged, which makes the forming technology develop towards automation. Automatic production requires longer die life and higher production efficiency. Stamping technology will have greater flexibility or flexibility to adapt to the future small batch, multi variety mixed model production mode and the development trend of market diversification and personalized demand, and strengthen the rapid response of enterprises to market changes.

The rapid analysis and evaluation capability of product manufacturability and forming process will be greatly developed, so that the rapid analysis and evaluation can be made for the formability of parts and the assurance degree of required performance from the initial design and even conception of products.

Final Thoughts

According to data analysis, the competitiveness of China’s stamping industry is growing, and more and more attention is paid to the development of technology. All stamping suppliers are developing towards low-cost and high-speed processing. Stamping technology is becoming more and more scientific, digital and controllable.

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