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Development of Software – A Shortcut to Quality

by Uneeb Khan
Development of Software - A Shortcut to Quality

The fastest way to develop software is not always the best way. The shortest way often results in the worst quality. Here are a few tips to create Code that is readable and cyclomatically complex. You may be surprised at what you find out. Read on to discover the secrets of quality software development.

Code That Can Be Understood Quickly

The first step to improving code quality is to understand the coding process. This can be challenging, especially if the code isn’t easy to read. Then, you can focus on making it understandable for other Custom software development company. If code is difficult to read, you could end up losing other team members’ time. Furthermore, it is difficult to measure quality and productivity because of the many different scenarios.

Secondly, code quality should be a top priority for development teams. In general, developers who prioritize quality want to ship features to production as quickly as possible. Slowing down to make it easier to understand is a common mistake. Writing high-quality code will ensure continuous shipping of features to production. The code must be easy to read and understand so that future developers can understand and change it easily.

Code That is Easy to Understand

Good code is not only easy to read and maintain, but also extends and debugs easily. Programmers who follow good coding practices make their work easy to understand and extend. Code that is hard to read and understand can cause problems in the future, so be sure to write your code as concisely as possible.

Programmers who write clean code enjoy their work, and the project will be faster to reach production. However, code with poor quality is difficult to understand, slowing down the entire development process for all the developers. Many programmers don’t understand code quality and may make mistakes when they are working on projects that are unfamiliar. In such a situation, it is impossible to fix the problems and maintain the software without relying on a third party.

Code That is Cyclomatically Complex

The complexity of a program is measured by its cyclomatic complexity, a quantitative measure of the number of linearly independent paths in the program source code. This measure is computed by examining the Control Flow Graph (CFG) of the program. In the CFG, each node represents the smallest group of commands, while directed edges connect two nodes.

While a small, comprehensible piece of code may be useful, the larger the code base, the more difficult it will be to understand. In this case, the code may have more than one path through conditionals, have several dependencies, or be tightly coupled with other sections of the codebase. For example, an object can have several different methods, and the code may have more than one for loops, if-else statements, or other conditional logic.

High-quality code is composed of well-named components. The components can be read and edited by a variety of programmers, and are easy to maintain. Using proper comments and documentation ensures that the code remains flexible and decoupled. This increases the quality of the communication between programmers and makes it easier for developers to understand the code. When developers can understand the underlying principles of a component, they can make the right choices for their project.

Code That is Readable

Top software companies in New Orleans can improve the readability of their code by following a few simple guidelines. The code structure should reflect the logical order of its elements, such as variables and methods. Comments should clearly explain what the code is trying to accomplish. Variable spans should be limited and related statements should be grouped together. Functions should be concise and reusable to reduce overhead. And, as with any other piece of software, comments and summary descriptions should be placed at the top of files and classes.

Secondly, code readability is not a secret. Good developers don’t create fiefdoms and use shortcuts that only their colleagues know. The code should be self-explanatory, with comments to guide non-developers. Efficiency is directly related to speed and performance. The faster and more efficient a software program runs, the more efficient its source code is. Code readability can be measured with the efficiency of its source code.

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