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Develop your Job Applicant Strategy

by Uneeb Khan
Jobs Strategy

This is the basis of this 30 day process. Without it, you’re likely to be distracted or dissatisfied, depending on how your research is going. Consider this as your ultimate list of tasks and backup Job Applicant Strategy strategy.

Block Time Into Your Schedule

Sometimes getting a job may seem like full-time work by itself. You shouldn’t be able to just submit applications at any time the mood strikes you.

Make a plan for your day and then allocate an appropriate block of time. You’ll require at least an hour per day. You can also do two or three hour blocks if have the time. Be sure to take some time for breaks or even a whole break from the job hunt to stop your from burning out.

Use Your Checklist to Work

The list you’ll need to fill out is contingent on your level of seniority and the industry. For instance, candidates for managerial positions require more time to develop functional resumes that highlight their accomplishments. New graduates may prefer getting acquainted with the world of networking or working on interview skills.

Here are a few items to consider adding to your checklist:

  • Research jobs and companies
  • Improve your resume
  • improve your portfolio (optional)
  • Make sure you check your online picture
  • Find people in your network to research
  • Call or meet people to talk or meet them.
  • conduct interviews for informational purposes
  • Get ready for interviews
  • do phone or in-person interviews
  • practice negotiating in interviews

Put these tasks on your calendar and approach them as if they were real work. On days when you’re down (or lazy) But, keep working. Don’t let your mood guide your actions. That’s the job of this list.

Learn to Handle Rejection

Yes, this should be part of the job-search strategy.

It’s best to know how to manage rejection right now when you’re not at the receiving end. The preparation will reduce the likelihood of you feeling angry for several days.

Let yourself experience the pain of being rejected. Enjoy your friends to get your mind off the problem. Don’t view the rejection as going back to the beginning. This isn’t the case. You’ve already completed an application along with a cover note. You’ve been to several interviews, and you’ve built a solid base to build your professional network. It’s not like you’re starting from scratch.

Take a look at issues from an employer’s the employer’s point of. What was it about the interview that might have put them off? Is your resume bland? Do you need to improve these areas while you go through your job search.

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