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Create your own travel app for iPhone or Android

by Uneeb Khan
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Isn’t it amazing to have an app that can guide you about travel whenever you want a vacation, why not just create your own travel app and it can be a great business idea too?

There are hundreds of types of mobile travel apps out there, many of which help us continue on our journey, whether we know them or not.

Here are some examples of basic mobile tourism apps that we use for travel.

Best Travel Apps –

  • To plan a trip – Tripadvisor, TripCase, TripIt, and more
  • By making hotel/plane/train reservations – MakeMyTrip, OYO rooms, Goibibo, Clear Tip, etc.
  • Location tracking – Google Maps, Tinder, Waze, and more
  • When visiting a multilingual region – Google Translate
  • Booking/booking bikes – OLA, Uber, etc.

Then there are other apps that cover all of these services in one app. In fact, your mobile phone has everything you would ever need for your trip, no matter what country you visit.

How to Make an Effective Travel App

The development of a mobile application depends on many factors, including the type of application, functionality, purpose, integration, design requirements, etc.

You might consider hiring a professional travel app development company or developing the app yourself.

However, you will need to learn the basics of app development as the latest option. If you are wondering how to make a successful travel app, here are the basic steps involved in developing a mobile travel app.

  1. Theme design: The best idea is to choose from available mobile application themes online at websites like Themeforest. The design of the travel agency app should fit and fit exactly with the type of app you want.
  1. Creating a Homepage: The home screen is the first thing users will see in your mobile app. It should tell you everything about your app and the features it offers.
  2. Create menu: The menu will contain all the options that you want to display to users of your app. Other options include Home, My Account, Donations, Book a ride/hotel/ticket, Things to do, Maps, etc.
  3. Adding Content: Content is a very important part of your travel plan. You can create different categories of content, blog, photo gallery, pages, privacy policies, contact details, and more.
  4. App launcher and compatibility screen: Whether you are making an Android or iOS app, you should consider compatibility to make sure your mobile app fits all mobile screen sizes. Also, focus on creating the right app launch screen.

There are many free (and paid) tools online and tutorials that can teach you how to make a travel guide app or any other mobile travel app without reading a single line of code.

If you are still confused, find a good mobile app developer or developer who will outsource the work.

Adding Travel App Features

Features are what make your travel app better (or worse) than your competitors in the same industry.

There are already hundreds of mobile travel apps unless you make a completely different app, you need to include some or all of the following features of the tourist app in your app.

  • Travel planning features, such as the location search feature, travel schedules, travel tips and guides, e-tickets and other document storage, etc.
  • A travel journal feature and camera app integration allow users to capture their important travel times with live notes.
  • Navigation and maps are a must-have for any mobile travel app, regardless of the purpose of the app.
  • In-app booking feature that allows users to book hotels, flights, trains, elevators, etc., in a single app. You can also enter deals and donations to give your app more profit than others.
  • Reviews and recommendations are what users look for when checking the reliability of a hotel, transportation, or another tourism-related service. Offer the same option in your app.
  • Location information and city transport guidelines in your app can help visitors to get around the city easily.
  • Many travel apps now come with an integrated translation system to make it easier for tourists to overcome language barriers when visiting a foreign language country.
  • Weather forecast is another feature you might consider adding to your mobile travel app as every traveler wants to know the local weather they plan to visit.
  • Local helplines and emergency numbers for various cities/cities/countries can go into your app’s guide or blog section.

Other features that a mobile app can have are – a dedicated user account, filters, search location, currency converter, social integration, world clock, travel generator, bathroom finder, Wi-Fi finder, dating and communication, event listing, and bookings, etc.

Your application may or may not contain all of these features, depending on its primary purpose.

However, you should at least include the basics such as maps and blogs when building a travel company mobile app.

Things to Think About

Here are some things you might want to consider before getting your app upgraded to a travel app development company.

Why Need an App If You Already Have A Mobile Website?

Dedicated travel apps are reported to be bringing more than 130% of traffic and conversions to mobile websites.

What Do Your Users Need?

Another important thing to consider is – who is your target audience and what they want in your future travel app?

Try to include all of these items and more.

Research your competitors to find out what they do and what features they don’t have that you can incorporate into your travel app. Also, be sure to use the free data provided by other travel apps.

Choosing the right mobile app development company is another important step in creating the perfect mobile app for your mobile clients.

How You Make Money With Your Travel App

Even if you do not sell any monetary-based service, such as transportation, tour guide, or accommodation, through your travel app, you can still monetize your app by following the options outlined below.

  • Advertising with Google Adsense and other relevant ad placement options that include click-based advertising.
  • Add other travel resources and products to your site to earn a commission.
  • Allow in-app purchases via referral marketing and other options.
  • Registration services
  • Paid sponsor notification
  • Make a paid travel plan or a paid version of your app

Other Benefits of Mobile Travel App

Not sure why you need your mobile business travel app or website? Here are some tips to help you understand the benefits of a travel app.

Immediate availability: Your mobile application will provide your customers with all the information and assistance they need when traveling to a destination, in addition to various locations such as booking, payment and invoices, payments, location searches, and more.

Location tracking: Location search is one of the main reasons why travelers use mobile travel apps.

This is a feature that can work well on a mobile website while desktop websites are difficult to access while traveling.

All integration: Your travel app will provide your users with a platform where they can not only get information about everything related to tourism but also can book, read reviews, and much more.

Dedicated forum: Unlike mobile websites, your app will not require a mobile browser to run. It works on its own and provides unique information to your users.

Looks better and more sophisticated: The mobile app is definitely better than the mobile website in almost every aspect.

It is better to search for rich graphics and easy navigation and has a very simple app.

And best of all, it can work with all your mobile apps, such as the camera and GPS, to ensure an amazing sense of user navigation.

Make Money: As we mentioned above, there are many ways to earn regular money with your mobile travel app. What you need is a really good app.

There are many other things like simple updates, easy promotions, authorized (in Google Play Store or App Store), digital payment systems, integration with local and business apps, better content quality, and more.

How much does it cost to upgrade a Travel App?

Now, let’s get to the last point. How much will it cost to make a travel company mobile app? If the same question bothers you, here is the answer.

The cost of upgrading a travel company’s mobile app will depend on a number of factors, including the ones listed below.

  • Whether you are developing yourself or outsourcing work at a travel plan development company.
  • Platform – Android or iOS or any other mobile OS
  • The number and level of features you need in your app
  • The limited-time when you want to market (launch) an app.
  • A number of people working on the project.
  • Whether you use a free or paid theme.

In total, the average cost of obtaining a mobile travel application developed by a professional software development company can range from $ 1,000 to $ 50,000, depending on the above factors.

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