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Top  Social Media Marketing Agencies for 2022

by Uneeb Khan

Top  Social Media Marketing Agencies for 2022 (Updated)

1. PBJ Marketing

In This Paragraph, offers a mix of paid media, web comprar seguidores twitter layout, branding strategy, and full-service digital marketing. This includes social media advertising. They believe that using social media as a medium for marketing requires a well-planned activation method based on data using messaging, targeting, and KPIs tailored to the target audience and goals. Social Media Advertising campaigns are excellent for increasing awareness of brands in generating leads and generating sales in the short run. They concentrate their social media advertisements on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram ads.

Firstly, leverages Facebook users and their data to offer practical, targeted audience targeting. Secondly, It creates Facebook ads that convey an advertisement to the most suitable people for the company’s objectives. zeros in on specific audiences by employing the four steps of the approach:

A/B Testing

Engaging ads

Audience-targeted advertising

Analytics tracking

2. Firebelly Marketing

Firstly, it has been leading companies to success in social marketing since 2007. Their services include auditing social media channels, managing social media channels, and managing social ads.

Secondly, social media auditing service is an excellent starting point for understanding what you need to do regarding your social media accounts. It can help determine your strategy for social media in the future.

Thirdly, social media management offers everything you need to succeed with your Social media platforms. It includes:

  • Creation of content and publishing
  • Community Management
  • Reports and insights

They are associated with social profiles, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Twitter.

However, Firebelly managed more than 1 million dollars in social media advertising for clients. Their social ad management services give targeted social media advertisements to expand their clients’ audiences, engagement, traffic, and sales. It is comprised of three components:

Moreover, Creative development and the audience

Monitoring daily

Recommendations and reports

3. Bad-Rhino

Firstly, is focused on providing tangible results with customized Social Media Marketing Solutions. They are incredibly proud of developing and delivering customized solutions for all of their customers.

They utilize this social media method:

Social Media Audit

Content Creation & Approval

Community Recruitment

Strategy Evolution

Identify Key Strategies


Monthly Analytics


Secondly, Bad Rhino creates and implements specific strategies specifically for their clients. Thirdly, They look into the social platforms that are most suitable for their clients and then create great content that the client’s viewers will enjoy.

Firstly, Bad Rhino believes that social media advertising is the most cost-effective advertising currently available. They have an ad specialist on their team to manage advertisements on social media. Secondly, They create an organized and precise ad strategy for each company. Ad specialists write headlines, copy and make images for every campaign. Thirdly, They evaluate movements on an hourly basis or daily. They also monitor weekly. If they see a decline in results, they stop and identify advertisements that are not performing well. Additionally, they release new ads to maintain the positive consequences rolling in.

4. Volume Nine

It is a digital marketing firm with expertise in content marketing via social media and SEO. They assist you in sharing your brand’s story, increasing brand recognition, and establishing your brand by starting from the ground up.

What are they able to do for you? will take care of all aspects of the social media marketing process, from influencer marketing to advertising. begin by creating an outline of your brand’s strategy with a focus on the goals and values of your brand.

also handle production, distribution, and promotion across various social media platforms.

Here are the top products and services they provide:

Social media audit

Management of social media

Influencer engagement

Social media marketing

5. Volume Nine

It Unlike most other agencies on this list, this one specializes only in one aspect of social media marketing–advertising.

They can assist you in excelling in social media advertising, particularly on Facebook and Instagram.

Both platforms have the same ad management tool that offers a variety of audience targeting options and other advanced options.

It can be a challenge for someone new to the field, and this is where this agency can assist you. They can help you run effective Facebook and Instagram ads to achieve the goals of your campaign.

Their leading social media marketing service is advertising with a particular focus on Facebook and Instagram.

6. Little Media Agency

Little Media Agency

The company based in London boasts of being a leader in innovative content creation that captivates its clients’ audiences. They can assist you in achieving all of your social media marketing objectives, including increasing site traffic and boosting your social media visibility, raising brand awareness, and more.

This isn’t at all!


They aren’t only responsible for the social media marketing aspect, and they provide guidance and training for your staff in-house. They offer workshops to educate your staff on marketing methods on social media and techniques.

Does this agency suit you?

If you’re looking for an agency that doesn’t only work for you but also with you, this is a good alternative.

Here is their list of available services:

Social media

Marketing via video


7. Spin Brands

Spin Brands

This is an agency based in the UK with ten countries. They’re a full-service agency that assists with strategies and planning, content creation and distribution, influencer management, and other aspects of your advertising campaign.

What else?

have received numerous prizes, including the famous Drum Awards. were also listed as among the best agencies according to different sources. collaborated with various well-known brands, including Viacom and MUJI.

Here are the main offerings they provide:

Organic Content Creation – Organic production of content and sharing via social networks.

We paid – Optimising social media advertising.

Creative: Producing content consistent with your brand’s image and mission.

Ambassadors – managing influencers and campaign marketing for influencers.

8. Tinnitus


This is a fully integrated digital marketing company that provides various services to will help you expand your company. These are the main areas of their knowledge:

Goals and strategy

Audience and targeting

Creative and messaging

Testing, measurement, and the process of learning

Acceleration and optimization

But, when it comes to the marketing aspect of social media, they concentrate solely on paid advertisements and the creative elements. This means they can assist you in running successful social media marketing campaigns. They also offer “Messaging and creative” services that incorporate social media-related content.

In general, it’s an excellent choice if you search for a specialized social media advertising agency. However, if you’re looking for someone who can manage your social media accounts, this may not be the right choice for you.

9. Convert


It is a digital marketing agency that offers marketing through social networks, pays to advertise, and offers other related services. They have a group of experts in social media who can assist you in building the social presence of your business beginning from the ground up.

They claim they can get their clients double the engagement as the industry standard.

These are just a few of the social media platforms that they offer:


Brand Governance

Development of content, creative and editorial strategy

Community Management

Social CRM

10. BornSocial

This is a British-based company that has worked with startups and established brands. Whatever your goals in marketing are, They can assist you in getting there.

This full-service agency plans, implements, and analyzes social media campaigns from the beginning until the end. A few of the companies they’ve collaborated with include Kiehl’s, Tinder, and Veet.

They have had successful campaigns and received numerous prizes, including The Drum DADI Awards for 2017.

The services they provide are based on the elements of marketing via social media:




11.Media Bounty

Firstly, it is a new startup that prides itself on providing solutions that can drive long-term growth by delivering deep insight into the world of online media.

Secondly, Their behavior economics platform assists companies in telling their brand narrative, showing off their product, promoting brand awareness, and more.

Thirdly, This is a highly regarded agency trusted by both marketers and brands around the world. They were finalists in The Drum Business Awards in the year 2019.

Moreover, They take care of every aspect of your social media marketing, including the design of your strategy, creation of content, and promotion.

Here are a few of their primary services:

Strategies: They begin with the creation of an online marketing plan.

Creative – They then produce content for your company.

Media They also manage the distribution of content and promotion.

Insight – Finally, they give you information about your campaign’s performance

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