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Comparison between PLC Processors & PLC Power Supplies in the USA

by Yasir Asif
PLC Processors & PLC Power Supplies

A PLC is a sort of computing device that was created especially for use in an industrial context. The size and shape of a programmable logic controller (PLC) can vary greatly. However, it rarely resembles a standard desktop computer. PLC processors in the USA are becoming a more and more popular choice for a number of uses due to their high level of dependability, and control.

On the other hand, if we have a look at PLC power supplies in the USA, they are often referred to as the ‘workhorse of the PLC system.’ A line voltage of 120 or 240 volts AC is changed to a lower DC voltage, often 24 volts DC, using this device. PLC power supplies offer a wide range of sizes depending on one’s application. 

Commonly Used PLC Processors

Some of the best quality and commonly used PLC processors in the USA are given below:

Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 5580 Processors

The Studio 5000 design environment serves as the default foundation for the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix and GuardLogix 5580 series of processors, maximizing productivity and speeding up commissioning.

 This framework oversees SIL2/PLd and SIL3/PLe safety solutions for high-speed motion applications and is the best among PLC processors in the USA.

Key Features

  • Multi-discipline control is offered by ControlLogix 5580 controllers for use in discrete, process, and safety.
  • It aids in lowering expenses and bringing down system complexity.
  • The ControlLogix 5580 processor offers security features including centralized authentication and access management. 

Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 5380 Processors

To help meet the rising demands of intelligent manufacturing machinery and equipment, Allen-Bradley CompactLogix and Compact GuardLogix 5380 processors offer better performance, increased capacity, and productivity along with enhanced security and are considered the top among PLC processors in the USA

With this shared environment, the integrated motion over EtherNet/IP is managed for high-speed applications, maximizing productivity and reducing time to commission. Applications requiring high-performance I/O, and motion control are considered as the best candidates for these types of processors.


  • Ideal for applications requiring low axis motion and I/O point counts in the small to large range.
  • Include dual ports that can be configured and support dual IP addresses.
  • Displaying processor status and faults will enable improved diagnostics and troubleshooting.
  • Offer controller features that have been enhanced for optimum system performance.
  • Up to 32 axes of integrated motion on EtherNet/IP are available.
  • provide a variety of memory options ranging from 0.6 to 10 MB.

PLC Processors by ABB

The scalable PLC ranges AC500, AC500-eCo, AC500-S, and AC500-XC offer solutions for low-, medium-, and high-end applications. ABB’s AC500 PLC processors in the USA are the perfect option for high availability, severe environments, condition monitoring, motion control, or safety applications and offer a wide variety of performance levels.


From small PLCs to high-end, safety-related PLCs, ABB’s AC500 PLC platform delivers compatibility with hardware and software.


ABB’s high-quality PLC processor for industrial applications offers a wide range of performance, communications, and I/O capabilities. the best option for sophisticated, quick machinery and networking solutions.


This mini PLC offers flexible and affordable configurations that are perfectly suited for automation solutions in more modest applications.


This safety PLC (SIL3, PL e) is intended for use in safety-related manufacturing, equipment, or process automation applications. the best option for managing and implementing sophisticated safety measures.


Extreme Condition PLC is an AC500 platform variation that can operate at higher temperatures, resist vibration and hazardous gasses, and be used in humid and high-altitude situations.

Various PLC Power Supplies 

Some of the top PLC power supplies in the USA are given below:

IC697PWR710 PLC Power Supply from GE Fanuc

GE Fanuc’s Series 90-70 PLC offers a comprehensive solution that is equal to the most demanding applications thanks to its excellent performance, power, and flexibility. 

Additionally, these PLC power supplies in the USA offer even more versatility for a range of applications with their wide range of isolated and high-density VME analog I/O modules.


  • Variety of Memory Sizes.
  • Performance Capabilities of Different Types.
  • Superior Capabilities.

Allen-Bradley Switched Performance Mode Power Supplies

Performance Switched Mode by Allen-Bradley 1606-XLS utilizes a method that greatly decreases unit size while providing a 150% power gain, and power supplies. These power sources come in a variety of sizes ranging from 80 to 960 W and have DC output options of 5, 12, 15, 24, and 48V and are the best among PLC power supplies in the USA.


  • Best for numerous single-phase and three-phase inputs for international applications.
  • Offers a compact dimension to conserve panel space.
  • Provides load currents during typical main faults or load peaks in buffer modules for a temporary boost function.
  • Provides redundancy modules for controlling two backup power supplies.

Heat-resistant DC24V 60w 2.5A Industrial PLC Power Supply Module

The COOLMAY power supply uses an exclusive driver chip that is imported, has heat-resistant electronic components, and globally advanced PWM technology, and is the best among PLC power supplies in the USA. It can perform the functions of output power amplification and conversion when connected to all types of PLC.

COOLMAY creates a variety of power supply modules with unique properties ideally suited to answer the needs of your unique industrial application in order to address the special requirements of commercial control, automation, assembly, and test equipment.

Key Features

  • Offers switching power supply which is a dedicated driver chip with advanced PWM pulse width modulation technology.
  • Effectively decreasing transient voltage surges with a soft start current.
  • Aging test with a strong output at 120% full load.

Built In EMI CM6024 PLC Power Supply 

Internationally sophisticated pulse width modulation (PWM) technology is used in CM industrial power supplies along with high precision and high temperature-resistant electronic components which is considered one of the best among PLC power supplies in the USA

Important Features

  • Contemporary PWM technology.
  • Utilizes an imported driver chip.
  • Effectively reduce transient voltage surges with a soft-start current.
  • Uses high-temperature electrolytic capacitors to assure the dependability of the system.
  • Aging test at 120% full-load, good output.
  • Filter, built-in EMI, little ripple, and noise.
  • Protections from short circuits, overloads, and over-voltages.
  • Natural heat dissipation, dependable operation, and great performance.


Ge-Equipment is among the leading online marketplaces, where we buy and sell different kinds of equipment, repair them and rent the best quality equipment at affordable costs. We sell high-quality PLC processors and PLC power supplies in the USA. Get your hands on one of the best PLC processors and power supplies products by contacting us on our website at Ge-Equipment.


Which PLC brands are most popular in the US?

Allen Bradley, Siemens, Omron, Delta, Schneider, and Mitsubishi are some of the top PLC brands in the USA.

What type of processor does a PLC use?

CPU, which uses an octal or hexagonal microprocessor, is the brain of the PLC. It takes the place of counters, relays, and timers because it is a microprocessor-based CPU. A PLC can contain two different processor types, such as a word processor or a single-bit processor. 

What is a PLC’s power supply?

The workhorse of the PLC system is the power supply. Your line voltage of 120 or 240 volts AC is changed to a lower DC voltage, often 24 volts DC, using this device. The other PLC components are then powered by this DC voltage, which is subsequently transmitted into the rack.

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