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Common Maintenance Problems Of Cooling Towers

by Uneeb Khan
Cooling Tower Repairs

Cooling towers have become a crucial part of managing the HVAC system. These are also heat exchangers that remove heat from your industrial property. But just like every other piece of equipment, they may break down. The cooling towers are exposed to the air and the possibility of corrosion and other problems upsurges. This results in some obstruction of the cooling tower.  

Unfortunately, if your cooling system is not working smoothly, this can be an issue for your property. You need experts who can consistently offer you cooling tower repair services. 

It is vital to know the issues that can frequently happen with your cooling tower and their solutions. To make it easy for you, Here’s a list of a few problems with their quick fix- 

  1. Inner corrosion

Problem– Corrosion is likely to happen when any metal comes in contact with water. Besides this, corrosion usually occurs because the tower comes in connection with the waste units. It ends up with holes and perforations in many areas of the tower. The main reasons for this problem can be-

  • Chemicals used
  • Water leakage
  • Unchecked water supply

Solution– A regular check-up and inspection of the cooling tower is a must. Also, try to get a Belzona coating, which can help prevent corrosion. This way, the leakage will be detected early and fixed immediately.

  1. Erosion

Problem- The edges of the fan will get in contact with the dust, and other particles will result in erosion. This further decreases the efficiency of the system.  

Solution- Try coating the fan blades with epoxy coating. This coating is designed specifically to protect the blade from corrosion and erosion. 

  1. Pipeline issues

Problem– Pipes are likely to have issues as they are directly connected to the HVAC system. These pipelines are mainly affected because of external and internal corrosion.

Solution– Annual inspection of the pipelines should be on the top of your list. Get the help of professionals who provide reliable services for cooling tower repairs. Try maintaining the cooling tower regularly, and save the pipes from possible destruction.

  1. Mechanical damage

Problem– Irregular maintenance can result in mechanical damage. Loose pulleys, fan hubs, and lack of bearing lubrication can harm fan shafts. These problems affect the functioning of the cooling tower. 

Solution– Try using self-lubrication solutions that will create low friction. Ensure that the tower is optimised with microorganisms and biofilms. This keeps your cooling tower maintained for a long time.

All these issues can be spotted when you have a cooling tower at your property. Also, always choose the experts of a cooling tower in Australia who can help you with the right type of services.

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