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China Adhesive Manufacturers

by Yasir Asif

China Adhesive Manufacturers is a premier exhibition dedicated to adhesives, sealants and PSA tape products and services. Serving as an information exchange and trade platform for these industries worldwide, this event has achieved worldwide renown for its vast scale and significant influence.

Henkel’s water-based industrial adhesives are popular globally, being utilized in over 130 countries worldwide and suitable for various uses ranging from electronics repair and vehicle restoration.

Dongguan Qianqianhe Adhesive Technology Co., Ltd

Since 1996, this company has been crafting high-grade super glue in China. Their products meet international standards and enjoy wide-reaching customer demand, while their flexible pricing structure enables them to serve a diverse clientele including foreign trade companies.

The firm also produces adhesives and encapsulants for automotive, aerospace and defense, assembly, electronics, filter printing and packaging industries, among others. Their product portfolio consists of thermoplastic, thermoset, water-based solvent-based adhesives polymers as well as specialty items sold worldwide and multiple countries.

Henkel operates internationally in three business areas: Laundry & Home Care, Cosmetics/Toiletries and Adhesives. They offer adhesives and tapes for transportation, electronics, metal fabrication, woodworking, maintenance repair services, paper conversion as well as paper converting industries across their global network of 68 production plants and 300 research & development centers.

DeepMaterial is an industry leader when it comes to adhesives and sealants for the electronic industry, including circuit board-level adhesives, semiconductor fillers, protective films and long-term strategic partnerships with multinational corporations as well as local manufacturers to provide comprehensive solutions across an array of applications from chip packaging/testing/surface protection. Their high performance products can be found in over 31 countries worldwide.

Yiwu Jingong Adhesive Company

YIWU JINGONG ADHESIVE COMPANY is a manufacturer of adhesive products. Their team of experts strives to produce top-quality products while also offering efficient customer service.

This company is one of China’s premier producers of super glue. Their eco-friendly glue products can be used for multiple purposes and have excellent moisture resistance properties, making their products cost-effective solutions for customers across China. Established over several years ago, this business stands by their products with great commitment and strives to meet customers’ expectations every step of the way.

The 13th Five-Year Plan and China’s Made in China 2025 strategy will fuel an increased need for high performance adhesives and sealants, especially with 5G, AI, new energy sources, electronics automobiles and aerospace development spurring demand further. Furthermore, flexible packaging has become a thriving market.

DeepMaterial is an innovative producer of adhesives and PSA tape. Their core technology specializes in reactive hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives; additionally they supply one component epoxy underfill adhesives, UV curable adhesives, magnetic bonding adhesives as well as surface protection materials to support semiconductor wafer processing, chip packaging and testing processes.

Beijing Comens New Material Co., Ltd

The company specializes in the production of hot-melt and pressure sensitive adhesives, used widely across various applications like electronics, woodworking, construction and specialty glues like those for plastic, rubber, glass and metal surfaces. Their products are made using premium-grade materials according to ISO standards for maximum quality assurance.

Beijing Comens New Material Co Ltd specializes in research, development and production of polyurethane adhesives for plastic flexible packaging applications such as composite polyurethane adhesives for flexible plastic packaging applications, ink binders, and windscreen replacement adhesive sealants. Headquartered in Beijing China with its technology stack comprised of various components working together seamlessly to provide each customer with their ideal adhesive product solution.

A company employs a team of expert researchers that strive tirelessly to produce high-quality pressure sensitive adhesives. Their research and development department regularly introduces new innovations, so customers can continue getting maximum value from their products. Their primary goal is providing top quality products at competitive prices while building good relationships with its customers; additionally they also offer specialty polymers suitable for fiberglass fabrication as well as filter fabrication.

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