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Check If Your Roof Is Winter Ready Or Not

by Uneeb Khan

Roof damage can be very dangerous if you do not repair it before the problem gets worsen. However, you have to inspect and detect the reason for roof damage. This will help you rectify the mistakes that let the roof to get damaged over time. In winter, we experience heavy snowfall, which causes severe roof damage when the snow gets accumulated on the roof. In the daytime, the snow melts and turns into ice at night as the temperature drops. This further gives rise to ice dams on your roof and also causes water leakage and damage to your roof. Hence, you should understand how your roof gets damaged in winter so that you can take proper care to avoid such consequences.

Besides this, you might notice other roofing problems, which need to be fixed to make your roof winter ready. Contact Big Boy Roofing if you are confused about how to detect the issues on your roof. Our roofers will inspect your roof before the winter arrives and fix the underlying issues to protect your home from possible damage. Moreover, they will suggest ideas on how to maintain the aesthetics of your roof even in the harsh winter season. So, let us understand the winter roof problems and how you can fix them to make your roof winter ready.

Inspect your roof shingles

If you have poor water drainage on your roof due to clogged gutters, then it will surely damage the roof shingles. Shingles may also get damaged due to snow accumulation and the branches of your trees if there are any trees around your property. You can contact our roof inspector who will help detect the problem and find out the reason for such damage. He will also instruct you to sort out those problems and get your shingles replaced to prevent any further issues.

Repair roof breakage

In winter, we experience the strongest wind flow. This can blow off your roof shingles thereby causing roof breakage. Heavy winds often damage the roof flashing and the ridges. So, we recommend you inspect your roof after you experience a wind storm in your location. You can hire our professionals to get your roof inspected so that they can fix the problem immediately.

Snow & Ice accumulation on your roof

On cold days, snow can be very dangerous to your roof because it gets accumulated on the roof and clogs all the gutters. With clogged gutters, water does not get drained properly and gets stuck on the roof. Moreover, the snow melts in the daytime and freezes at night and turns into ice. This further creates the problem of the ice dam and water leakage on your roof. So, you need to be very careful and clean your roof regularly. Keeping your roof clean can yield good results. It will not promote clogged gutters, water leakage, or roof damage issues. If you cannot make out how to inspect and clean your roof then you can contact our roofers to get your job done. They will make sure your roof remains in good condition even in winter.

Pellets of frozen rain

When you experience pellets of frozen rain in winter, you should ensure that you take proper care of your roof to prevent any type of damage to it. This type of rain can damage ridge caps and shingles. It can also dent your metal roof if you have installed one. If you are staying in an area where you experience frozen rain then you should use strong roofing material that can withstand such weather conditions. If you lack knowledge on how to choose the best roofing material for your roof then our roofing experts can help you out. Replace the shingles before the winter arrives so that you can protect yourself from possible damages.

Check Attic Ventilation and insulation

The airflow might affect the health of your roof and cause further damage to your home in the long run. In the winter season, your roof might be damaged because of moisture build-up, which can further freeze up to create structural damage to your home. So, you need to inspect your attic ventilation to avoid possible roofing issues.

Similarly, check the attic insulation and replace it if you notice damage to it. If your attic insulation is damaged then you might feel discomfort in your home as the heating systems of your home will not work properly. Further, it might create the issues of increased energy bills, which need to be fixed. So, check the attic insulation to keep your home energy-efficient.


Your roof is the most important aspect of your house. If you do not take good care of your roof then it can damage the entire house. Hence, you need to inspect your roof regularly to find out if any damage is there. In winter, you have to clean your roof regularly to avoid snow and ice deposition on your roof. You can get your roof inspected and repaired after the winter is over. However, we recommend you take necessary precautions to protect your roof during the winter season.

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