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CFA Mindset: How to Have Gratitude

by Yasir Asif
CFA Mindset

So in my article on Gratitude, I stated how in my experience as a CFA Tutor in London I found that gratitude, while a challenging mindset to have for many traders, was a great mindset for long-term exam and finance career success.

In fact, gratitude will be an important behavior for people in the conscious bank.

So what are some of the ways in which you can build your gratitude?

Co-opt from a previous time


When Tony Robbins looks to create gratitude in you during his seminars, what he does is to get you to think of a time when you felt gratitude, genuine powerful gratitude. This is called the process of anchoring. So you think of a time when you felt gratitude, remember all the details of the time, your feelings, your visuals (what you could see), what you could hear, what you could even smell or taste. Completely immerse yourself in that time and notice what you feel and how it feels. Now hold on to that feeling and think of another thing that you want to feel gratitude towards but maybe it doesn’t come so naturally. Like a

Feld Sense

Something that I learned from Stephen Gilligan is to look at the internal representation of emotion to be able to access it better. As before, think of a time when you felt deep natural gratitude. Then the key question is, where in my body do I feel this gratitude? Is it my head, neck, chest, stomach, or heart? If there was a color that could be associated with that gratitude what would it be? If there was a shape associated with that feeling in that part of the body, what would it be?

With the location, color, and shape just focus on that for a moment and enjoy the feeling. Now while holding that in mind, think of the area of your CFA exam you want to be grateful for but maybe couldn’t before financial statements, quant, and derivatives. Notice how you can feel that much more grateful for your studies.

Come from your Values

The most powerful way of feeling deep natural gratitude is to start with your values. If you look at my article on finding you’re why you will see that those values are your drivers in work, in studies, and in life.

Once you have these values, simply look for where they already exist in your career or studies. For example, if growth is a core value, where are you already experiencing growth in your life? This does not mean that it is at the level you want, just where are you experiencing it already now at some level.

When you can see that your values already exist to some extent in your life it is very natural to feel gratitude that in some sense you are already experiencing your best life. And that is when success and performance come naturally.

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