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Cedar Smith Management: Make Health Insurance an Integral Part of Financial Planning

by Uneeb Khan

Medical or health insurance is healthcare coverage that helps you cover your healthcare needs through financial benefits. Consider health insurance as part of your investment strategy to manage your financial stress. After all, these insurance policies allow you to pay your expensive medical bills and focus on recovery without worrying about the budget. You can expect them to offer tax deductions also. According to industry experts, four reasons make them a vital component of your financial planning. These include emergency handling, finances, tax saving, and old age.When you meet a financial advisor, they recommend that you pay attention to this aspect and other things. Let’s explore why this is crucial.

Consider health insurance in financial planning and strategy byCedar Smith Management

Everyone knows that the life expectancy rate is drastically dropping. You cannot avoid certain risks, such as accidents and illnesses. When you buy insurance, you can use the policy to cover the cost of emergency treatment without worrying about the high bills. However, insurance doesn’t cover the entire cost. You have to pay some expenses from your pocket. The rising medical costs are adding to the burden. If you estimate the healthcare bills in advance and start saving separately for this, your actual savings will not feel the impact.

When creating a separate account, you must invest in more policies to prevent your money from depleting. Cedar Smith Japanreminds us that investment in healthcare coverage is also critical for your retirement age. Everyone believes their retired life will be tension-free. But what if you become sick and don’t have the proper insurance to cover the cost? In old age, you may not have an active income stream also. Due to this, even a short hospital stay can become a mental burden. Plus, another strong reason to invest in them is tax savings.

If you analyze all these aspects, including healthcare coverage in financial planning makes sense from every angle, whether it means savings, retirement, or emergency funds.

Public medical insurance – National Health Insurance (NHI)

Everyone in the country should subscribe to a health insurance plan, and NHI is their most common option. The program works under a mutual support principle whereby every subscriber contributes toward a medical treatment required for injury or illness. It involves co-payment, but one cannot skip premium payments. However, people with employees’ health insurance may not be eligible for this policy. Then, someone with a Latter-Stage Elderly Healthcare policy or public assistance may also not get it. You have to check whether you qualify for this or not.

Eligible candidates can use insurance to cover the cost of hospitalization, dental treatment, and outpatient services. Some procedures may not be a part of the scheme; for that, you can enquire with a medical institution. However, you don’t have to bother about the deductible. You can get yourself checked by paying a co-payment amount. A lump sum amount can be available upon birth or a person’s death.

Like other policies, national healthcare coverage will also have a premium amount, which may vary based on your last year’s income and other conditions. You usually get alerts about the same in June month. You will get a notification if there is any change in the amount. Usually, the burden of the premium payment lies with the head of the family. They have to pay for everyone in the household. Between June and March, one should spend at least ten premiums. Those who cannot pay the monthly amount due to unemployment or other relevant condition may seek an exemption or reduction.

Policyholders can avail of any of the two medical examinations. People between the ages of 31 and 39 can get Health checkups, and those aged 40 to 74 can receive a particular type of medical checkup called Kokuho. 

Cedar Smith Management reminds us of the rising healthcare cost

In 2021, people paid ¥44.2 trillion toward healthcare bills, an increase of 4.6% from the year before. Hospital admissions jumped by 2.8%, costing ¥17.6 trillion. Others, including home visits, outpatient treatments, and additional medical services, recorded a 7.5% rise. If dental services became expensive by 4.8%,prescription medication expenditures witnessed a 2.7% growth. In 2020, medical expenses were less because of COVID. People avoided doctor visits, and this continued into 2021 as well. While consultations saw 3.3 yearly growth, other areas saw a 5.5% dip compared to 2019.

The logical explanation for the 2021 trend is the aging population of the country and the use of advanced technologiesfor treatment. Then, you can also add the cost of PCR tests and other COVID-19-related treatments. If you calculate the per capita medical expenses, it has gone up to ¥352,000 from ¥17,000 a year. People under 75 spent ¥235,000, while older folks paid ¥939,000. All these figures don’t account for occupational injuries.

The importance of financial planning

Comprehensive planning helps you take stock of all the situations that may affect you and your dear ones. Rising medical costs remind you that you cannot take your healthcare needs casually or exclude them from your financial strategy. Otherwise, a massive price will remain uncovered, denting your savings when you have no other extra income. However, if you plan for everything, your stress and financial burden may feel lower.

Many people need to learn how to approach their finances. While it’s not rocket science, it requires expertise, knowledge, and experience. You have to be thorough with all the programs available for public and private use. However, diving deep into these matters is only possible when you don’t have other equally critical things to handle. But financial advisors can help you with everything. They will learn about your income, assets, aspirations, lifestyle choices, and others. At the same time, they will analyze your business, job, salary, revenue, and properties. You also have to tell them about all the accounts you hold. After evaluating everything based on your wish, they will suggest a financial path so that you can retire well – something that means a lot to everyone!

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