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Canada’s New Express Entry System:  The Best Way to Canada Immigration

by Uneeb Khan

If you are striving to get a PR in Canada, Immigration Canada express entry is probably the route. The new Canadian Express Entry system is among the top immigration programs for skilled international workers due to its fast-processing times. Once interested candidates submit an online application, the federal government of Canada assesses if the candidate is eligible for permanent residence via express entry. 

The applicants can take the assistance of Canada work permit consultants to get document submission and other steps right in the first attempt and increase their chances of getting PR approval quickly and realizing their dream of settling in Canada with their family. Let’s discuss some crucial insights about Immigration Canada’s express entry process so that it can help you get prepared when you apply for PR in Canada.

What is Immigration Canada Express Entry Program? 

Immigration Canada Express Entry is an online digital system used for processing and managing the applications submitted by eligible candidates who aspire to become permanent residents of Canada.

An interested applicant can create an online profile and allow the Canadian government to review all the documents and information to decide whether the candidate deserves a PR in Canada. Then, the eligible foreign nationals are accepted into the Immigration Canada Express Entry pool and are given ranks as per CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). This is a points-based system used by the Canadian government to evaluate and rank the applicants’ candidates in the express entry to canada. The score of CRS is calculated based on a candidate’s education, age, skills, work experience, language ability, and other factors.

The Canadian government selects the top CSR scorers from Immigration Canada Express Entry and offers them an invitation to apply for PR.

How does Immigration Canada Express Entry work?

Immigration Canada Express Entry is relatively straightforward and includes two major phases. In the first phase, eligible candidates for this program express their interest in getting a PR from the Canadian government. In the second phase, the Canadian government invites candidates with top CSR scorers to move to Canada as immigrants. You can contact Canada work permit consultants and fast-track the application process with their expert guidance. Here are the crucial steps to apply for Immigration Canada Express Entry. 

  1. Check and ascertain that you are eligible for Immigration Canada Express Entry.
  2. Complete your language test and receive an ECA (Educational Credential Assessment).
  3. Make a submission of your profile on the IRCC website (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada).
  4. If you achieve a high CSR score as per requirement, then the Canadian Government will offer an ITA (invitation to apply) for PR via IRCC.
  5. Submit your filled Permanent Residence (APR) application to IRCC and pay the required fees within the mentioned deadline. You must also include your medical exam report and police certificates when you make the payments. IRCC will later provide you with an AOR (Acknowledgement of Receipt).
  6. Submit your biometrics when IRCC makes a request.
  7. Wait for the final decision made by IRCC on your APR application. Usually, IRCC finalizes the selected applications in 6 months or less. After your application is through, you will get a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) and a PR Visa (if you are from a nation that requires a visa). Once all the above steps are completed, you can travel to Canada and start your new life there.

How much does Immigration Canada Express Entry Cost? 

Submitting an Immigration Canada Express Entry Cost profile to the Canadian government pool is free for eligible candidates. However, applicants must pay some other charges before making a submission. Some of the costs levied before submitting an Immigration Canada Express Entry profile include,

  • English or French language test conducted by a Canadian government approved organization 
  • ECA (Educational Credential Assessment)
  • Charges will be added if you require a translation of any relevant documents into English or French 
  • Hiring an immigration expert like a law firm if needed  

Canadian Government charges and other experts after you get an ITA includes,

  • Canadian government charges for processing PR applications
  • Police background check
  • Medical exam
  • Biometrics charge

Canadian government PR fees for Immigration Canada visa agents Express Entry (The charges are effective from April 30, 2022)

Particulars Fees 
Processing fee for Self $850
Right of permanent residence for Self $515
Spouse or partner processing fee$850
Spouse right of permanent residence fee$515
Include a dependent child$230 / child 
Total $2960

How long does the Immigration Canada Express Entry process take?

An Immigration Canada Express Entry can be valid for up to 12 months. Applicants who get an ITA from the Canadian government can expect their PR process to be completed within 6 months. The processing time when a filled PR application is received from the selected candidates. The processing time is completed after a final decision is made on the PR approval. If an applicant doesn’t get an ITA within 12 months of Immigration Canada Express Entry profile creation, they can make a resubmission after this duration if they are still eligible.


As we can see from the above insights, we can conclude that Immigration Canada Express Entry is the most affordable and fast way to get PR in Canada. Once you understand the complete steps involved in the application process and subsequent steps, it is much easier to take all the necessary precautions, proceed with the submission more confidently, and increase your chances of getting PR on the first attempt.

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