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Canada PR Requirements You Must Know About

by Uneeb Khan
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You might think that getting a Canadian PR is a challenging task, but that is not the case. As you fulfil some of the Canada PR requirements, you can set out to Canada to live your dream life after you have completed your Canada student visa online applicationThis article will provide you with all the information you need to get your PR easily and help you with the process of immigration and PR. Once you know about the types of Canadian PR, you’ll get a better insight into the requirements. 

Types of Canadian PR available out there

Here is the list to help you know the types of PR:

  1. Family Class Immigrants: If any of your family members is a PR holder in Canada, you can easily avail of this option. As the Canadian government considers it and you get the government’s support, this is a huge plus point to having a family member. 
  2. International Adoption: A Canadian citizen or a primary resident of Canada can adopt a child and take care of their upbringing in Canada from any part of the globe. In this way, the child gets the PR. 
  3. Skilled Worker Class Immigration: If you can meet the minimum skill requirements that Canada has made, you can quickly get a good job there after obtaining a skilled worker class immigration there. 
  4. Provincial Nomination: You apply for PR for any part of Canada with all the required documents and certificates. 
  5. Business Class and entrepreneurs: If you have a proper business or entrepreneurial expertise, you can avail of this option. For that, you need to provide proper documents that vouch for the expertise and proficiency in your business. 

Every type mentioned above has different specializations that need you to have certain qualities and documents. Then only you can avail of the Canadian PR. You can contact the best immigration agencies for this purpose, who will make your process easier by providing you with all the guidance and information you need. 

You need to know a lot about the requirements once you know the types of PR for Canada. The Canadian government has some factors you must qualify for during your visa application. This also helps you meet the minimum requirement to satisfy PR. The better your rank for these qualities, the higher the chances of your application getting accepted. This scoring system is called CRS, and you must have a good CRS if you want to get Canada PR immigration. The minimum CRS score is 67 out of 100. You will be ranked based on your skills and certificate. 

List of Criteria needed for grading to obtain the Canadian PR

Here’s a comprehensive list for you!

– Age

Your age is a great factor in your PR application. You’re more likely to score high if your age ranges from 24 to 40. The reason behind this is that 24 to 40 is the average age of working-class people. During this age, people can work diligently by increasing their productivity.

– Educational Qualification

The Canadian government evaluates your educational qualification and gives you points based on that. If you hold a Ph. D degree, your chances of getting a visa are higher than someone not holding a degree. If your education has taken place outside Canada, you need your ECA report in case you’ve completed your education outside Canada. After that, based on your education level, you will be graded points.  

– Professional Experience

The Canadian Government values professional experience more than anything. So, Professional expertise will play a vital role in your score. If you have considerable professional experience, you will get the PR quickly. If you have experience working in Canada, your experience will be ranked higher. 

– Proficiency in Language

The majority Canadian population speaks and communicates in two languages- English and French. The more proficient you are in these languages, the greater your chances of getting a high grade during the PR process. You need to take up the IELTS exam to prove how proficient you are in English. You must secure the minimum marks in IELTS to apply for PR. 

– Offer Letter for a job

If you already have an offer letter for any job that is confirmed employment, you can easily apply and obtain Canadian PR.

– How well can you adapt to the environment?

This is a significant factor that needs to be addressed as a part of Canada PR requirement. This skill will also help you rank high as the Canadian government sees how well the citizens will comply with the circumstances once they enter Canada. 


The Canada student visa online application has almost the same requirements as the Canada PR requirement. One advice you must follow is to talk to immigration agencies who will guide you through the process.

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