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Can I Get a Personal Loan for a Car?

by Uneeb Khan
Loan for a Car

Securing Financing For A Vehicle With Bad Credit

If you are wanting to purchase a car, there are some things you need to think about before applying for a loan. How is your credit? How much money do you make? Do you have a down payment? Do you have a trade-in? What APRs are being offered? How much will titles and registration cost? How much will it cost to insure the vehicle? How is it on gas? These are all things that need to be considered before making a purchase. However, out of all of those listed, your credit score may have the most significant impact on your chances of getting a loan. Some lenders will get you the money even if you have bad credit. Be aware of that before going to the dealership, know your credit score, and know what kind of payment you can afford. This will save you time and money as you explore your options. 

How To Get A Personal Loan For A Car

Car shopping is always fun and exciting, but the process can take longer than you were hoping it would, and dealing with credit can be stressful. Trying to find the right car to fit your daily lifestyle comes at a high price. Here are some ways you can help yourself get a personal car loan.

Check Your Credit Report

It’s always important to check your credit score since you need good credit for just about anything. If you’re from Australia like me, before you think about applying for automotive loans in Adelaide, check your credit report first. Your credit income will determine how much you are qualified to borrow. Your credit report may have some errors or incorrect information on there that you didn’t know about or thought that you may have taken care of. If your credit report shows any of those, that information can turn you down for an offered loan, or you could be offered a high-interest rate. If your credit score is at 600 or below, it’s in your best interest to put car shopping on hold and improve your report.

Apply For Auto Loans From Multiple Lenders

Start searching for auto loans and lenders once your credit is checked. Good options to look into are, Large National Banks, Bank Of America, and Capital One. Your local community banks and credit unions. Make sure to look at online lenders that only provide auto loans and dealership financing. Once you’ve done your research, go ahead and compare quotes from the first three lenders. Your bank may also give you a preferred rate, especially if you agree to make an automatic loan payment from your checking account.

Get Pre Approved For An Auto Loan

Once you have narrowed down the cars you like, request interest rate quotes, and compare each offer you’ve been given. It’s important to know that there is a difference between getting pre-qualified and pre-approved. Prequalification gives you an estimate of the rate and loan you expect to qualify for. When your credit is pulled, it’s a “soft pull,” which means your credit score won’t lower. Pre Approval is a “hard pull,” and your score will be lowered temporarily because the lenders can look at your credit history and your personal information. Once you get pre-approved, you are able to have that open door for discussion on negotiating price, and you will be protected from marked-up rates. 

Use Your Loan Offer To Set Your Budget

Your pre-approval offers will allow you the maximum amount you can borrow, but that doesn’t mean that that’s the price of a car you can afford. When figuring out prices, add on an additional 10 percent to cover the taxes and fees. Get an auto loan calculator to match your loan, and add your down payment. If you are trading in your current car, also add in your trade-in value. This will be a big help for you to find the right monthly payment you can afford.

Find Your Car

Now that you know what options of cars you can look at, the last thing you want is to be disappointed. Check your loan offers for:

* Excluded brands. Some lenders exclude certain car manufacturers or different types of cars.

* Dealership requirements. Capital One requires you to shop through a specific network of dealers.

* Lender requirements. If you want to buy a car from someone.

* Time Restrictions. Most of the time, lenders will give you a month to use the loan. Sometimes, if you run out of time, they will extend your offer if you call back.

Review The Dealers Loan Offer

Now that you’re test-driving some cars, you may still be able to get a better interest rate offer from the dealer. Carmakers set up their own banks for auto purchases through dealerships, and sometimes they offer below-market interest rates. Once you’re pre-approved, the finance manager might try to beat your rate to complete the sale of the car, and that could benefit you because you can see how low your interest rate can go.

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