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Many people have a fear of buying souvenirs from Dubai, as they think it will cost them a lot. Some people explore the market and malls to search for the perfect souvenir. The perfect souvenir is the one that represents the culture and tradition of the place they visit. It can be cheap, but sometimes it can be really expensive, depending on your budget.

Dubai is a city of huge buildings and malls, and it is really hard for someone to resist its beauty. There are places like Central Park City Walk and Burj Al Arab that are really hard to forget. When anyone visits this city, they want to buy the souvenirs as a sign of remembrance.

Here are some places from where you can buy souvenirs


It is located at the heart of Dubai, an Indian neighbourhood 10 minutes away from the Dubai creek. The market is open from noon till sunset. This is a place where you can test your bargaining skills, just be patient and negotiate. There are souvenirs at the Karama Shopping complex as well.

There are many souvenirs that you can buy, like kitschy, Russian dolls in the form of sheikh and sheikha, and pashmina shawls.

There are more traditional things like Arabic coffee and pots, ornaments for the house, and Morrocan-style lamps.


The antique museum is located at Al Quoz, and here the same bargaining skills you tried at Karama will come in handy. The antique museum has a lot of things to buy, as the name suggests it has some wonders and ancient items. These things may include daggers (khanjar from Yemen), lamps, and amazing textile.


It is a traditionally styled market, souk, which is more like a bazaar. It is a part of a Madinat Jumeirah Arabian Resort. The market is styled in an old fashioned middle eastern market.

The souvenirs here are more costly than in Karama or the Antique Museum, but you will be hassle-free and relaxed, as the environment is comfortable no one forces you here to purchase any item. The presentation and souvenirs in the souk are fabulous.


The Dubai mall is among the largest shopping malls in the world. On the ground floor of The Dubai Mall, there is a souk, and there are many shops to buy souvenirs.

Some famous souvenirs are from The Arabian Oud providing the essence of “oud”. Oud is agarwood with highly infused resin.

The camel company located at the Dubai mall has some amazing toys and cute t-shirts, Camel mugs and magnets are also available.


It is situated across the bridge passing over the Burj Lake. The souk is an old-fashioned yet modern market with a lot of shops and restaurants, and the restaurants provide an amazing view of the water fountain show in front of Burj Khalifa.


In the middle east, these carpets are considered as a good investment. These carpets are indeed worth their value, but do some research before going to buy carpets, as the quality carpets can be expensive.

A good quality mid-size carpet can cost you around AED 600 to AED 8000. If you are wanting to save some money then you can look for Afghani carpets.


This was basically an initiative by Fatima Bint Zayed, if you are wanting to buy some handicraft items for the good of the less fortunate, then it is recommended to purchase something from here. The profit of the items goes in the charity. The items that are available for sale are cushion, bags, and other textiles.

If you are buying from FBMI, then be assured that your money will go to a good cause. The handicrafts are so beautiful, and can really be a good souvenir.

It is said that the treasure is hidden in the souks, so if you are not a luxury shopper, then you should start exploring the souks in Dubai.

The visitors love to buy souvenirs and products that they are gonna admire in the future. Souvenirs are bought as a memory to remember the culture and tradition of the place. In Dubai, there are many places and stores to buy souvenirs, as Dubai has a range of unique products to offer. The culture and tradition of Dubai force you to buy souvenirs to remember it by. One can buy these from the stores near to Burj Khalifa or Central Park City Walk Dubai.
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