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Brand Identity & Logo Is The Face Of Your Business

by Uneeb Khan
Brand Identity

If you are starting a business or running an existing one, and you are looking for the right logo designer who can understand your business standards and your imaginations about how a logo should be designed, all you need to acquire a professional and well-reputed logo designer. A professional who conveys your dreams about your business logo because they have a lot of experience in the designing industry and know how a business identity can be recognizable and away from the competition.

If you try to imagine only a logo, you will find that your mind reflects a simple logo design first because it tends to be eye-catching, memorable, and convey a clear message to its audience. Successful companies like Nike, Apple, Twitter, and McDonald’s use their logos very simply, which are easy to recognize and unique. Etc. These are well-known brands all over the world.

Your logo should have a simple and smooth design to get outstanding results. Now let’s have a look at 8 reasons why the logo should be simple and smooth below:

Simple Logo is Versatile & Scalable

A simple logo design can be published on multiple channels, from your social media platforms to your brand’s promotional stuff. It’s not hard to resize the image without compromising its quality. Also, it will be helpful to show your brand’s consistency across the various social media and other channels. A big reason to have a simple logo is that your customers expect the brand’s character that builds their trust and loyalty to a particular brand.

Difficult to Counterfeit

It is difficult to steal your logo if you have a simple logo design comprised of only a few fonts and colours. When a logo design is complicated, a few details can be changed and converted into another ownership. For instance, if you have a combination-mark logo created by a picture and text and designed with multiple fonts and colours, your competitors can change a few details like one colour and one font style to manipulate people to attract them to their stores.

A logo must describe your business and shows your dominance over your competitors. For instance, a person who opts for eBook writing services to get a book and its cover makes sure that his book stands out. So don’t you do the same for your business? 

A Simple Logo is More Recognizable

Your customer can recognize your logo at a glance, even in a crowded market. It is easier to understand your brand message and the feel of your business nature by having a simple and clean logo design. According to a study, the human brain understands a simple image faster than 1000 words. Additionally, your logo has to bring your brand to your audience’s mind within a second in a positive way. As it is very difficult to counterfeit, your logo can be more recognizable because nobody can copy it.

Simple Logo Design is More Memorable

The unforgettable reality of a logo is that a simple logo is more memorable. Creating a unique logo is not easy as it sounds. A simple and smooth logo can easily stick in the audience’s mind and be able to recall in their mind whenever they think about your products and services or see your logo anywhere. Apple is the biggest example of it; when you think about Apple, a mark of bitten apple will appear in your mind, and you don’t need to think more about what they do.

Prompt Emotional Reaction

A perfect logo is not only recalled in your customer’s mind but also connects with your customer’s emotions. And, when your logo is designed very simply, their minds process it more quickly and clearly. Not only have that, but people talk about their memories and your brand that had been associated and made their memorable moments perfect. In other words, a simple logo design easily captures your customer’s emotions that lead a brand to its peak of success.

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