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Bigger Scrap Awards On The Way

by Uneeb Khan

That an, otherwise well-functioning, car turns into a scrap car can have many reasons. Total damage, old age or wear and tear can be some of the things that make the car now have to be scrapped.

Scrap cars are being recycled today. In fact, up to 95 percent are recycled. And it is necessary. In Denmark alone, more than 117,000 cars were scrapped in 2018. And overall in Europe, approx. 6.1 million cars and small vans sent for scrapping. There are a lot of them, but where do the 95 percent that are recycled end up?

What happens to a scrap car?

Scrap cars contain many different parts and components. Today, a lot of the plastic can be melted down and molded into new parts.

Once a car has been stripped of all usable parts and parts that can be used for other things, the car is smashed into a more manageable square.

This is done because the rest of the car, which is made of metal, must be remelted and produced into new steel.

Making steel out of old iron is 75 percent less energy intensive than making new steel. That is why this solution has been chosen.

The market for scrap cars in 2021

2021 will be the year where a lot of things will happen in the car market. There is a huge focus on sustainability and less use of fossil fuels. Especially in cars. That’s why hybrid and electric cars are making strong progress.

With our neighbors in Norway, restrictions have already been made on where you can drive diesel cars and where electric cars have priority. This is done to balance the amount of oil the Norwegians suck up from the North Sea, with a focus on sustainability.

The same is happening in Denmark. New car taxes are on the way and it will definitely provide an economic benefit to acquire a hybrid or electric car in the future.

Another thing that will happen in 2021 is that the state will distribute a special scrap premium for diesel cars.

DKK 5,000 in scrap premium for your diesel car in 2021

Yes you read that right. Over the next few months, a diesel prize pool of 100 million will be released. And you can get part of it relatively easily.

At 3skrotpriser.dk, we help you throughout the process by sending a car for scrapping.

We do not run a scrapper business ourselves so our role is to find the scrapper that will pay the most for your diesel Skrotpræmie  car. But because the diesel pool is limited to only 100 million, you have to be ready with keys as soon as it is released in 2020, when the then diesel pool was released, it only took a little month before the pool was exhausted. Still many remained and did not manage to get their diesel scrap car off for scrapping.

You can read much more about our service here and where you can also sign up for our email service so you get an email as soon as the pool opens.

Increased scrap premium for all scrap cars

Do you have a car of older date and which you have long thought about getting scrapped or are you in the annoying situation that your car has been damaged and has been declared totally damaged, then we are happy to help you find the scrapper who will pay you most for your scrap car.

There is a larger market for scrap cars than you might think and the car wreckers are almost in line to bid on the exact scrap car you sign up for our service.

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