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Best Yoga Asanas Which Can Improve Your Planetary Movements

by Uneeb Khan
Planetary Movements

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that has innumerable benefits. It can help calm and relax the mind, maintain physical health and maintain a positive attitude in life. Fortunately, it can also have an impact on the planetary movements that affect our daily lives. According to the best astrologer in Canada, our stars or planets can be aligned with the help of regular yoga.

In this article, we will be discussing how yoga has an impact on the movements of planets and some of the best yoga asanas which can help improve it.

Yoga and its impact on the planetary movements 

Every day we experience various kinds of situations based on a situation that affects our day and lifestyle. Some of these emotions may be happy, sad, angry, fearful, etc. it is important to stay in touch with these emotions and understand them properly to better communicate and empathize with other people is building your inner peace. You might also experience a lot of negative feelings in your day. You might not entirely remove them but you can control them properly. It is necessary that you remain optimistic and resilient to be able to face any adversities in life.

To be able to monitor and control these emotions, people turn to yoga. Yoga is an excellent way to align the planetary movements and the best astrologer in Canada consider it a great way to remove any dosh or negative influences in our life. Being a part of such a large universe, our moods and emotions are bound to be influenced by planets and stars. This is the basis of astrological studies. Furthermore, there is also a significant impact of the sun and moon in our lives that can result in different results. So, it becomes important to study the importance of yoga in influencing cosmic events.

Yoga asanas to improve your planetary movements

As we have seen, yoga has an important impact on our planetary movements. In addition to this, there are many asanas that according to the best astrologer in Toronto you can try out to improve your planetary movements which can then positively impact your life. 

Some of the yoga asanas you can consider to improve your planetary movements are mentioned below.

  1. Savasana – also known as the corpse pose, helps reduce anxiety levels, increased blood pressure, headaches, migraines, and the case of strokes. This asana is performed to relax the mind and body, control the undesirable urges and maintain a good posture at all times that can prevent back problems.
  2. Paryankasana – also known as the couch pose, this asana is done to prevent you from developing diseases and illnesses like cold, headaches, cough, fever, etc. Moreover, they help in controlling weight gain or even reducing it. Lastly, it can also ensure proper blood circulation in the body.
  3. Shishuasana – also known as the child’s pose, this asana is performed to overcome any emotional or psychological problems you might be facing like anxiety or depression. This asana can help you in calming down, relax, and even improve your digestive system. 
  4. Tadasana – also known as the mountain pose, this asana is a great way to deal with heart problems, increased blood pressure, palpitations, etc. It requires deep breathing which can calm you down and decrease the uneasy feeling inside of you. Apart from this, it also helps strengthen your back.
  5. Kapalbhati Pranayama – this asana can help focus on their breathing patterns and help relax their organs. Furthermore, it helps in digestive processes and removes all the stomach problems. It is especially helpful for hyperactive individuals or for those who have a busy and active schedule.
  6. Matsyasana – also known as the fish pose, this asana can help you get rid of pain in the lower legs and ankles and also improve blood circulation. It can also help relieve the stress levels and cramps in your legs and maintain your posture while standing and walking.
  7. Virabhadrasana – also known as the warrior pose, allows you to feel more powerful, confident and empowered. In addition to this, it can increase your confidence levels and attention span. Also, the best astrologer in Toronto says this asana is an excellent way to strengthen your back, legs, knees, etc.

Final words

As you can see, yoga asanas are a great way to improve your overall well-being by preventing diseases and disorders. You can practice several yoga asanas or positions to align your planets and live a much healthier and happier life. Moreover, several astrologers in Pakistan consider this a great way to remove the negative energies in your life and live peacefully. You can practice any of the yoga asanas that you are comfortable with.

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