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Best Ways to Use Concentrates More Effectively

by Uneeb Khan

The name of concentrates has been igniting a fire in the market of packaging for quite some time. The reason behind all the hype is the long list of benefits of such packaging. They are made from high-grade materials. So, the products will be safe and sound within. The best part is the eco-friendly nature of these boxes. So, they are not harmful to the environment in any way. The color and design variety of these containers are a few more reasons why brands love them. The perks of such packaging are various. So, if you want to use it the best way, then read the factors present below. 

Use Eco-Friendly Inks on your Concentrates:

The first best way to use this type of packaging is to use eco-friendly ink. These boxes have a very durable design, which is why brands prefer them. However, the real reason is not that. The actual reason is the eco-friendly nature of such packaging. They do not make the environment suffer. Therefore, it is only fitting that the inks used on the package should also be eco-friendly. If a brand uses regular toxic inks on their concentrates, the whole persona of the package will be destroyed. They will no longer be environment-friendly. Their eco-friendly nature will be damaged. 

So, the whole purpose of using these cartons will be in vain. Therefore, the brand will suffer the anger of its customers. So, if you want to use this type of packaging the best way, make sure that every dot of ink is free from toxins. It should be friendly to the environment. This way, the whole eco-friendly slogan of the brand will remain intact. 

Add Custom Prints:

Another great way to use this type of box is to add custom prints. The beauty of custom prints is that they offer many benefits to the brand as well as the customers. The first benefit is that the customers can pick every trait of their package themselves. Allow the customers to pick the prints of their package. If they want to add graphic prints to the exterior, they will be able to do that. On the other hand, if they wish to add beautiful designs to the interior of the package, allow them that freedom.  Custom prints are beneficial for the clients as well as the brand. It allows the customers to have what they require. Moreover, it also gives the brand a vibrant and vivid portfolio. So, they have plenty of beautiful designs to showcase. This will not be possible if they create the same design for every customer. So, add custom prints to the package, as that also serves another purpose. It allows the brand to have more recognition. 

Use Bold Writing:

Another great factor that helps in using CBD concentrates more effectively is bold writing. This may seem like a small fact, but it plays a very great role. Tiny words written on the corner of a package have a higher chance of getting ignored. It will be difficult for the customers to see what the product within claims. As they will not be able to identify and read the writing, the entire task will be impossible. It can even cause the brand to lose its precious clients. 

On the other hand, if the brand places bold words right in the center of the carton, it will be more effective. Their customers will be able to read the words from a distance. Moreover, it will also be easier for the buyers to know what the brand claims. They will be able to read the package from a distance. It will also make it easier to spot and identify the brand in the aisle. Even if it is present between dozens of competitors, they will be able to find it easily. So, if you want to use cannabis concentrates perfectly, then go for bolder writing in brighter hues. 

Offer a Unique Unboxing Experience:

Another great tip that will help your CBD brand build more effective packaging is offering amazing unboxing. Adding creativity to your concentrates box will always help the brand’s image. It will catch the interest of the customers. The uniqueness of the unboxing will attract them. It will fascinate them enough to make them purchase the package. Moreover, creative unboxing offers other benefits too. It helps a brand in bringing an appeal to their products. It also helps their products stand out in the aisle. So, even if there is a ton of competition, they will not stand a chance. The brand’s creative and unique box will make the product star of the aisle. Keep the customers hooked to your products by offering them more unique experiences. 

Multiple Shape and Size Choices of Concentrates:

The last factor that will always help a brand in building effective concentrates marijuana is a wider size and shape range. Different customers often require different sizes. Some need a small package, while others may need a large one. Offering a singular size to all is not a good and smart choice. It will cause damage to their products, which will make your brand lose clients as well as reputation. Therefore, it is important to keep the size and shape range of the boxes as wide as possible. Allow the clients to design the shape of the package too. If they need a specific shape, create a custom container of that shape for them. It will boost the business as well as help in scoring loyal customers. 

Concentrates have been in business for a very long. The reason they have stayed on the top of the list is their versatility. They can be of any shape, size, color, and design. This is why many clients pick them over other options. The many ways a brand can use this type of packaging effectively are present above. 

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