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Best Way to Reset Quickbooks Paystub Password

by Uneeb Khan

What is the way to fix QuickBooks Paystub Password?

An employee will need a special password to access a pay stub you email to them directly from the QuickBooks desktop. The first four letters of the employer’s last name, all of which must be written in lowercase, must be used as the pay stub password in QuickBooks. The characters will be represented by the SSN’s final four digits. Remember that this QuickBooks paystub password should not contain any non-Alpha characters, such as a dash or a space.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Emailing Paystubs to QBs 

If you want to find out “how to send pay stubs in QBs,” follow the steps below.

It’s easy to use the QuickBooks email paystub technique.

  • To start, select Employees from the menu option on the left.
  • After that, select the Employees tab.
  • Next, select Paycheque List from the menu.
  • Select the paycheck you want to email, then select the Net Pay amount and open it.
  • Finally, choose the print option and then adhere to the on-screen directions.

Please be aware that the Paycheck Printing settings must be adjusted if it displays the actual paycheck rather than a paystub.

How to Print a Paystub in QuickBooks Desktop in Steps?

You must take the following actions to print a paystub in QuickBooks on your computer:

1. Print the paycheck list one by one

To pay, click the employee’s name.

  • Choose the checks you want to pay on the Employee page under List of Paychecks.
  • When appropriate, set the check numbers.
  • Choose a batch action from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the Print option.

2. Print using the print stub and voucher methods

  • Open QuickBooks and select Edit from the menu bar.
  • Select the preferences from the drop-down menu now.
  • Select Employees & Payroll.
  • Currently, under the QB payroll feature field on the Company settings tab, choose Full Payroll.
  • Next, select the Pay Stub & Voucher Printing option after configuring the section’s parameters.
  • You are now in a window where pay stubs can be printed.
  • In the “Paycheck vouchers & pay stub, print” section, select the checkbox you want to include.
  • If the Company name needs to be added so that it appears on the pay slip, choose the legal company name.

Each paycheck will automatically print a paystub with the desired information once all the options have been selected.

3. Print a bill payment stub as a third option

  • To start, select the File menu, Print Form, and then Bill Payment Stub.
  • Next, depending on the payment method, select a credit card or a check from the drop-down selection.
  • Next, pick the appropriate bank from the account drop-down menu. Account for a credit card.
  • Enter the opening and closing dates in the date field now, and segment list payments from the various dates.
  • Before printing the bill paystub, double-check the checks you will be using.
  • To print, click after selecting OK.

How To Reset The Quickbooks Password for Paystub?

To access a pay stub, find out how to reset the employee’s password. The QuickBooks paystub password can be simply reset by both you and your staff.

How can I change an employee’s password?

The methods for resetting the password for employees to access pay stubs are listed below:

  • Note that the login information for payroll account access is linked to PaycheckRecords.com. This procedure will also change the password for your employee’s payroll account access if they are already set up as a secondary user on your payroll account.
  • Selecting the Employee tab. 
  • Next, choose the Employee’s name. 
  • In the Paychecks Record access, click Edit.
  • Press the Reset Password button.

How to Change Your Password as an Employee?

The employee can also change their password by following the instructions below:

  • Visit https://www.paycheckrecords.com if you’re an employee.
  • Then click Forget password and respond to the security question prompts.
  • The temporary password is then given to the employee.
  • When the employee is asked to input the temporary password, take note ( it is case sensitive). Copying and pasting the password is the greatest method for entering a password without making any mistakes. Make sure there are no spaces before or after the password when you receive it in the mail.
  • Next, as I already mentioned, the employee must input the password and follow the login instructions after receiving a password through email.

How to Make Pay Stubs and Paycheck Vouchers Customizable?

You can design employee pay stubs here to show the individual’s information, company addresses, sick and vacation information, and more. By taking the actions outlined below, you can obtain all of these facts from this location.

  • Simply follow these instructions to change or remove information from a pay stub or voucher:
  • You must first select “Edit,” and then, by clicking on it, you must select the “Preferences” option.
  • After that, select “Payroll and Employees” by choosing the option, and then select the “Company Preferences” tab.
  • You must now select the option for “Pay Stub and Voucher Printing.”
  • The “Payroll Printing Preferences” window’s checkboxes for showing the information can be deselected or cleared by performing a few actions.


You can also seek the assistance of experts to solve the Quickbooks Password for paystub issue if you are having trouble using the pay stub password settings.

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