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Best Reasons to Perform Rockspace Extender Firmware Update

by Uneeb Khan

You undoubtedly know all about the little updates related to pop-up windows. They notify you when new firmware is available for your Rockspace range extender. If you’d want to put off upgrading the firmware of your device after Rockspace WiFi extender setup for a while, you can do so by selecting the “Remind me later” or “Don’t display it again” option.

However, if you want to make your range extender safer until the next firmware update, you should do it as soon as possible.

Many have questioned the need to upgrade the firmware on a Rockspace extender, as it just serves to boost the range of an existing wireless network. So, considering this, here are five reasons why updating the firmware on your Rockspace extender is essential.

Why Update Rockspace Extender Firmware?

  1. Does a Lot of Things

There are several advantages of updating the firmware on your Rockspace device. It’s a matter of making changes. Some examples include fixing unidentified flaws and eliminating problematic software. Your Rockspace extender’s firmware may be updated to add or remove features. To get the most out of your Rockspace WiFi extender, you need to update it to the most recent firmware.

  1. Fixes Security Holes

Bugs in software, often known as security flaws, are a hacker’s dream. A software application may have a security hole if it has an inherent flaw. In order to exploit the vulnerability, hackers take advantage of it.

It’s possible for a hacker to infect your device without any intervention on your side, such as visiting a malicious website or opening an infected mail. So, what’s going to happen?

A hacker may get access to your personal information and perhaps even take control of your computer to spread malware to other devices on your network. Thus, you need to update the firmware of your device right away. You can do so by referring to the guidelines given in the Rockspace WiFi extender manual.

  1. Improves Data Security

Depending on how organized you are, you might have a lot of sensitive data and files stored on your computer. Anything about you like money or identity is important to hackers and they can steal them at any given hour of the day.

Those who break in might potentially use your personal information to conduct crimes on your identity or sell it on the dark web. If they launch a ransomware assault, all of your data might be encrypted. A fee may be required to get your data, or even worse, you may pay the fee and never receive your information. All the more reason to update the firmware of your Rockspace extender.

  1. Infects Other Connected Devices

For your information, your computer is the primary focus of cyber security, but other devices are equally important and you should keep them in mind. An infected computer has the potential to spread malware to other devices on the same local network.

That’s why it’s so important to regularly update the software on your Rockspace range extender. In order to update your Rockspace WiFi extender, you should use the established extender setup wizard.

  1. You Deserve an Updated Device

Security flaws aren’t the only thing that updates may repair; they can also introduce new features and improve the ones already there. You know you don’t want to be left in the dust this time, correct?

That’s why firmware upgrades are tailored just to you. In certain cases, updating the firmware might make your Rockspace range extender more stable, so you don’t have to worry about crashes. Or, maybe your WiFi range extender might benefit from an updated piece of software.

Wrap Up

With that, we have concluded why you should update the firmware of your Rockspace extender. In case, you feel that you are not able to execute the process, reset your device. Wondering how to reset Rockspace WiFi extender? Follow the step-by-step instructions mentioned in the user manual.

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