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Best phone cases and accessories for your new iPhone 14

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Best phone cases and accessories for your new iPhone 14

If you’ve ordered one of Apple’s latest iPhones, the best iPhone 14 cases or iPhone 14 Pro cases are likely to be the first accessory on your list. The last thing you want to do is scratch a beautiful new phone, and the best iPhone 14 cases can help you avoid this while also adding beauty to the gadget.

The iPhone 14 lineup includes four phones, one of which is a brand new addition – the iPhone 14 Plus, which is the same size as the iPhone 14 Pro but requires its case due to its design and the positioning of buttons and lenses.

When shopping for premium phone accessories online, you should be cautious. To work successfully with other MagSafe accessories, cases must have a ring of MagSafe magnets incorporated into them (one easy way to tell is by looking for a ring on the inside of a case in product images). Unfortunately, they are not present in every third-party situation. Some firms claim that their cases are “MagSafe compliant” even without magnets, but this could be due to the case being thin enough for the magnets to stick. However, the connection is virtually always weak. If you intend to use MagSafe gear, ensure the case has a ring of magnets. And, when it comes to travelling, you do not need to worry because there are plenty of magsafe car mounts that can help you all throughout.

Apple MagSafe Case in Leather and Silicone

Whether you choose Apple’s official leather or silicone cases, they won’t disappoint you. They look lovely, are slim, have functional buttons, and the cuts are exact. Even the corners of the screen are raised enough to keep it from striking the ground. In addition, the leather offers a lovely feel, whereas the silicone case will have you running your finger across it. The only problems? Because the silicone case accumulates dirt and lint, you’ll have to clean it frequently. Also, the leather case made the mute switch a little tough to reach. Premium phone accessories online are also available in great variety.

MagSafe Case OtterBox Symmetry Series

OtterBox’s Symmetry line has gradually won me over over the last few years. It’s protective yet not overbearing. The raised corners surrounding the display are higher than on many other primary cases, and the polycarbonate and synthetic rubber combination feel sturdy. (It’s also constructed of more than half recycled plastic.) The keys feel good to push, the mute switch is easily accessible, and the MagSafe connection is robust. It accomplishes all this while being lightweight and looks attractive in tennis ball green.

MagSafe Silicone fit Cases.

Why pay $50 when you can spend only a little more than $20? In addition, the Silicone Fit and Rugged Armor contain MagSafe magnets implanted within and clicky buttons, and spacious space for the mute switch.

The Silicone Fit looks and feels almost identical to the original Apple silicone case (except for the lack of an Apple logo) and provides similar edge protection for the display. The Rugged Armor has a dull look, but the many textures around the case give it some personality. As the name implies, the latter will provide additional protection due to padding on the corners.

MagSafe Nomad Modern Leather Case

Nomad’s Horween leather case has quickly become one of my favorites. It’s handcrafted by the prestigious Horween Leather Company, develops a beautiful patina with time, and feels fantastic to the touch. Nomad includes a polycarbonate frame with a rubber thermoplastic elastomer bumper for edge protection, and the inner microfiber lining protects the iPhone’s rear. Although the edges aren’t as high as I’d like, the buttons are responsive. If you like, you can attach a lanyard, and I’m delighted to inform you that the MagSafe connection works flawlessly.

Thin Totallee Case

Hate crimes but still seeking protection? Totallee is your solution. Its cases are so thin that they won’t protect your iPhone from a fall, but they should keep scuffs and scratches at bay. On the sides, there are button cutouts, and the edges are minimally elevated all around. Although there is no official MagSafe support, the case works well with MagSafe accessories due to its thinness. If you want to boost your protection while keeping things very slim, Totallee’s clear cases are somewhat more protective.

Wrapping up

Given that the iPhone 14 is nearly identical in size to the iPhone 13, you might think that a current case would suffice, but that is most likely not the case. Instead, the new iPhone 14 looks almost identical to its previous series, but the sizes are slightly different, requiring you to use a particular iPhone 14 case or iPhone 14 Pro case.

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