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Best Healthcare Apps: Your Health Comes First

by Faisal Sheikh
Healthcare Apps

If you are looking for the best healthcare apps, this article will guide you, but before that, when did the phenomena of health apps start to rise? Let’s find out together.

Rapid Increase in Health Apps

In the last five years, mobile apps in eHealth, MedTech, and healthcare have exploded. Over 318,000 mobile healthcare apps were available to patients in 2018, and about 200 new ones were being developed daily, according to Liquid-State. This figure has significantly increased since the Covid-19 outbreak.

Best Healthcare Apps

Generis: DNA & Nutrition

Generis is one of the best healthcare apps. By understanding genetics, Generis helps individuals lead better lives. An individual’s DNA powers this cutting-edge health app. The app’s interface is simple to use and attractive on first inspection, which may explain why patients adore it.

Generis offers guidance based on DNA, recommendations for food, nutrition, supplements, and more. This medical app seeks to educate users about their genes while providing practical and precise advice. The objective is to inform users to become the best versions of themselves.

Generis may retrieve DNA information from 23andme.com and Ancestry.com for the most effective usage of this healthcare app. Users of the app who don’t have DNA data can still get recommendations based on their goals and lifestyle choices.

Why is DNA Essential?

According to Generis, some bodies are better than others at burning particular types of energy, and some bodies respond to various workouts by burning more energy. Generis discovered the method to create the most accurate, individualised recommendations for users instead of using trial and error or merely the best guess.

Their genetics specialists have carefully chosen more than 50 genetic markers that are known to affect the wellness attribute. Every assertion made by Generis is supported by research published in peer-reviewed journals.

MDacne – Custom Acne Treatment

MDacne offers users quick access to Dermatologists. It’s one of the best healthcare apps because it’s regarded as the acne treatment of the future. Using the app, you can get therapy based on your skin in less than 5 minutes. The interface is fantastic and straightforward to use.

With cutting-edge technology, MDacne can monitor skin, remind users to take their medications, start discussions with dermatologists, and offer suggestions that work.

If chemical therapies frighten patients, MDacne also provides natural solutions for the most annoying acne problems, such as scarring or redness.

MySugr – Diabetes Tracker Log

The motto of this healthcare app is to “make diabetes suck less!” Patients can monitor their predicted HbA1c, carbohydrates, bolus, and blood sugar levels all at once using MySugr. MySugr users say that the app has changed their lives, and that’s why it is one of the best healthcare apps. By logging daily data, they can better manage their condition. Doctors are also allowed to examine the information to improve patient care.

Users of this user-friendly app can also receive encouraging challenges and feedback to help them deal with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Many people who struggle to manage their diabetes have found this app to be a valuable ally.


We reviewed the best healthcare apps in our article, and we hope that it was helpful to you. It’s your turn to make your health a top priority. We sincerely hope that you stay in good health.

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