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Best Free Trade Zones in UAE

by Uneeb Khan
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As the Middle East’s economic development hub, the United Arab Emirates has provided countless opportunities for both local and foreign businesses. The UAE’s economic development is primarily due to a visionary administration, business-friendly regulations, and the entrepreneurial spirit of its inhabitants. The government provides many tax-related and other financial benefits to international investors.

Have you ever considered starting a business in the land of opportunities? 

The UAE has developed itself as a business establishment center for entrepreneurs. The UAE is also a good location for investors due to its favorable tax regime, numerous incentives, incubator programs, and other benefits. Setting up a free zone corporation is a good place to start. Free zones are jurisdictions that will help your business and keep your entrepreneurial path on track.

Some Best Tips to Choose a Free Trade Zone in UAE

All of this can be very stressful and cause you a headache. Going on the internet will not make you feel any less worried, given the vast amount of information available. That is why we are going to clarify things for you so you can choose among the best free zones in UAE for your business. The following are some measures you should go for.

  1. Select a business activity according to your business

Each Free Zone has its unique set of authorized activities that can be carried out within that particular Free Zone. There are also varying laws in each Free Zone regarding how many commercial activities can be conducted with the same business license. The more activities you select, the more expensive a license will be. It may be necessary to obtain two or more business licenses for the same company. One workaround is to select multiple activities from the same activity group and licensing type, which will not force you to pay any additional money.

  1. Choose your office space

You must plan for the next many years. If you do not intend to expand your business significantly in the next few years (including the employment of workers), you can simply get a shared or flexi-desk at a co-working space. These locations are also required for obtaining a company license in the UAE.

If you intend to meet with clients on a regular basis and hire personnel, you should set up an office at a separate physical place. You should consider both the area, infrastructures within a Free Zone, and the availability of desired facilities, as not all Free Zones provide such facilities as warehouses or retail establishments.

  1. Think if you want to be close to airports or sea ports

You must decide if your company in the UAE has to be near an airport or a seaport. To keep your costs as low as possible, you want to have the most advantageous transportation hubs and routes. This is particularly crucial if you want to establish a trading firm in the UAE. For instance, if you choose the JAFZA Free Zone for your manufacturing, logistics, or trade business, you would be situated at the Jebel Ali port. 

4 Best Free Trade Zones in UAE

  1. DMCC Free Zone

The retail and business sectors have a lot of promise and opportunity in this Dubai Free Zone, which is unlike any other. The DMCC free zone is the only location for your company to get retail exposure and the entryway to international commerce. It is the ideal alternative for businesses engaged in the financial or commodities sectors since it is not only one of the most well-recognized free zones in the area but also the biggest. It is the only free zone that provides freehold possibilities and has a handy, central position in the Jumeirah Lakes Towers neighborhood of Dubai.

  1. Sharjah Publishing City

One of the newest Free Trade Zones in the Emirate of Sharjah is Sharjah Publishing City. The over 1500+ business activities in the Free Zone are specifically designed to fulfill the needs of investment businesses.

It is strategically situated in Sharjah, adjacent to the Khalid Port and the International Airport, and has good access to the road system.

The free zone is the ideal location for investors to launch a low-cost company in the UAE and simply expand it. The Free zone is popular among investors since it is simple to start up a company there and because investor visas are issued more quickly.

  1. Sharjah Media City

The simplicity of starting up a firm there and the availability of in-house immigration for quicker visa processing make Sharjah Media City another investment favorite.

In addition, SHAMS Free Zone has banking partners in the United Arab Emirates that can help create a corporate bank account swiftly.

The Free Zone provides one of the most affordable Trade License Packages in the UAE, with trade license prices starting at AED 11,743 for a license with a single visa limit.

  1. Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority

More than 3100 businesses from a variety of industries, including light industry, pharmaceutical products, commerce, manufacturing, logistics, jewelry, IT, mobile phone accessories, and more, are based in the Dubai Airport Free Zone.

DAFZA, ideally positioned next to the limits of Dubai International Airport, provides a range of cutting-edge amenities with world-class infrastructure and has established itself as a gateway linking markets in the Middle East and Africa with Europe and the rest of Asia.

Dubai Airport Free Zone provides entire ownership of office and storage space to foreign enterprises in a tax-free setting. Organizations have a fantastic chance to establish their caliber in Dubai via a simplified process that allows them to start operations in a matter of days.


In summary, the UAE is the ideal location to launch a firm and quickly expand it based on the investor’s needs.

In the UAE, the Free Zones offer the ideal setting for enterprises to prosper. They are equipped with all the necessary infrastructure and business support services to enable the firm to effectively launch its operations in the United Arab Emirates.

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