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Be Visible on Twitter | Tips for beginners

by Uneeb Khan
ebook writers

At a time when social networks are all around us, it is important for a brand or a personality to be present there. A website is not enough to increase the number of your prospects. But to be visible on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or others, you have to know how to do it.

Today, let’s focus on Twitter. The main techniques to be visible and have quality subscribers on this network are:

  • have a good photo;
  • write a clear and telling biography;
  • be regular;
  • be authentic;
  • and more…

Twitter is a social network that currently has 12 million active users in France. It’s a real paradise for a company looking to be visible and find prospects. Potential future customers on Twitter France, and even around the world, are very numerous.

However, tweets are limited to 280 characters. This social network is truly a world apart…

How to be a seller in such conditions? Let’s see in detail all the methods to be followed on Twitter.

1) Take care of your Twitter account

It all starts when you sign up. If you are a brand or a public figure, use a profile picture that matches you. An official image for example, such as a logo, or yourself if you are known. This way, people will be able to recognize you just by seeing your avatar.

The cover photo should not be chosen at random. It too must reflect who you are.

Ebook writers also need to work on your biography. It’s a small paragraph that users will be able to read when they arrive on your account. It must correspond to your personality, but also to the offer you are offering. Your profile must reflect your image. So, just by reading your biography, people will know who they are dealing with. And they will be able to know if you can be useful to them.

Attention, even if we talk about biography, the name is actually not very correct. Sure, you talk about yourself, but you have to sum it all up in a few words. You are only allowed 160 characters, including spaces. Fill in your main activity, the type of people you are addressing, etc. No need to go into details.

Finally, it is possible to put a link, only one, in your bio. You can choose your website, one of your social networks… Can’t decide what to put? Use Link tree! This platform offers the possibility of putting an unlimited number of links on a page. After filling them all in, just fill in your Link tree page URL in your Twitter bio.

With an attractive photo and a worked biography, your account will already look good! When the person arrives on it, he will want to stay and discover more.

2) Subscribe to the right people

On Twitter, we don’t say “follow”, but “follow”. Ebook writers who follows someone else is a follower.

Without necessarily being aware of it, a company or a blogger who is on Twitter does branding marketing. Also called brand marketing, this set of techniques aims to bring value to a company and strengthen its brand image.

So, with these techniques, how to attract followers to your Twitter account?

Before being found, you have to find!

Use the search bar to find accounts you can follow:

  • If you are a brand, it will be other brands in the same field as yours. It can also be your partners.
  • If you’re a public figure, you can focus your search around your “colleagues,” people who do the same kind of work as you.
  • Also, you can subscribe to other personalities with whom you had the chance to work, even if they are not totally in your field.

You need to target your future subscribers. Searching Twitter is very convenient and quick.

Seeing the notification “you have a new follower”, the person, curious, will go to your profile to find out who you are. If you’ve taken good care of your bio and photos, he’ll think you’re interesting, and may follow you back!

3) Think about hashtags, allies on Twitter

Hashtags are words or phrases preceded by the symbol #. They allow you to contextualize your publication.

Twitter is not the only social network to offer the hashtag. They can also be found on Instagram, LinkedIn, and, less significantly, on Facebook.

What are hashtags used for on social networks? ebook writers allow the user to find content with a searched keyword without being in the contacts of these people. Using hashtags is therefore a technique offering good visibility on Twitter.

Clearly, if you type in the Twitter search bar “#recruitment”, you will arrive on a page displaying all the publications including this hashtag. You can display these results by popularity or by age.

A company has every interest in using hashtags. They will thus be able to have more visible publications. According to one study, a post with a hashtag receives 55% more interaction than a post without one. So, it’s a good way to get a message across and make yourself known.

For a professional ebook writers who wants to attract prospects to him, the best hashtags to use are:

  • #Marketing
  • #Concours
  • #Fridayfeeling
  • #Mondaymotivation
  • #Mardiconseil
  • #Jeudiphoto
  • #Alternation

It is advisable not to use accents or capital letters. Use a variety of hashtags to reach as many different people as possible. The ideal is to include 2 per tweet, if the number of characters available allows it.

4) Use the pinned tweet

Did you write an important tweet? A publication in which you present your company, or you send a strong message? Want everyone who lands on your Twitter account to read it? It’s simple, pin it.

Thus, this pinned tweet will always be above the others, even the most recent ones. This post will therefore be the first thing that Twitter users will see when they arrive on your profile, after your biography.

So, it’s a great way to convey a strong message, or presentation. The best posts to pin are:

  • your news tweets;
  • those in which you talk about a promotion you are doing;
  • contest games;
  • posts that allow us to get to know you better;
  • calls to action (“subscribe to my YouTube channel” for example).

Please note that only one tweet can be pinned at a time.

5) Be active in developing your Twitter account

Being active on Twitter comes naturally. Seeing you often in their News Feed will make people notice you. After which they will want to see your profile, and why not, contact you.

Generally, a person begins to trust and like someone after seeing 7 of their posts in their newsfeed. It is therefore a good strategy to hope to be contacted by prospects.

In addition, a dynamic and lively Twitter page will give a good image of you.

The other reason why it is necessary to publish very regularly on this social network is related to the lifespan of a tweet. She is very short. Of all the social networks, Twitter is the one whose posts are visible for the shortest time.

The reason for this? The gigantic number of tweets published every day around the world. There are 500 million, or 350,000 per minute. Thus, your publication will very quickly be covered by many new posts.

However, an interesting tweet can generate activity: comments, likes, and retweets. All of these actions extend the life of a tweet by a few hours. The publications concerned are generally those which create debate, or which are topical. A post that has many reactions can allow the ebook writers author to be more visible on Twitter.

How often to be active on Twitter?

  • 4 tweets a day is ideal.
  • Do not exceed 15 tweets per day.
  • No limit on likes and comments.
  • No limit on private messages.

However, one should not post just to appear active. Above all, ebook writers need to tweet relevant content.

6) Have quality content

Indeed, the Twitter accounts that follow you do so because they find you interesting. If they see that you are not, they will not hesitate to unsubscribe.

Ebook writers need to know your target to know who you are talking to. Thus, your followers will enjoy reading your tweets, because they will find your content relevant. A blogger can use Twitter to:

  • promote their blog posts;
  • ask open-ended questions and create debate;
  • give tips in order to prove their skills in their field.

ebook writers can also comment and retweet other posts.

Of course, you can share images or videos. The media are very popular, and they catch the eye. It is also possible to tweet the link of a video on YouTube, or any other website.

Don’t limit yourself to Twitter! The best for your brand is to promote your content on all social networks.

Being visible on Twitter, in short…

To have visibility on Twitter, the first thing to do is to create a profile that is pleasant to look at and that attracts attention. This way, the user will be tempted to click on your profile and visit it. Then, you have to know how to keep this user on your page. For this, be active and interesting.

Like a Facebook page and a LinkedIn profile, having a quality Twitter account is a good strategy for generating traffic and improving your visibility on the Internet. But being present on social networks is not enough, you also need to have a well-built and well-optimized website. Our talents can help you write quality content that will appeal to both Google and Internet users. Finding a quality web editor is fast, it only takes 5 minutes!

Now that you know the main tips for being visible on Twitter, all you have to do is create an account on the little white bird’s social network!

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