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Be Anonymous by Hiding Your Presence Online

by Uneeb Khan

We live in a world where a person’s online privacy has become close to zero. Authorities monitor people’s actions to prevent harm. They use the IP address for monitoring purposes. What’s my IP address? An IP address is the identification of the device a person uses to exchange data on the internet. It is the online presence of a person.

For people to remain anonymous, they must not have any electronic device that is capable of being tracked. This is an impossible task since the world today relies on electronic devices to perform the daily tasks of a person’s life. If you want to keep your online presence hidden and safe from tracking, you can hide your IP address using different methods.

Simple Presence Hiding Methods Online

IP addresses are similar to mailing addresses that can identify the location of homes. It can pin the general location of a person online. The ISP uses the IP address to monitor the actions of a person. The government can ask the ISP for the IP address and the details of your past actions. They use this to create a profile on you or use it for investigation purposes.

You can have online freedom by using different techniques and tools to make sure your information is safe from the hands of others.

VPN Installation

VPN stands for the virtual private network. It creates an encrypted and secure connection between the internet and your computer. The use of VPNs is mostly for protection against hacking and snooping. It also hides your activity on the internet, no matter your network. People use reliable VPNs to mask their presence online.

  • A change in IP address.
  • Powerful Security Encryption.

The use of a VPN is not only for hiding the IP address of the network. This creates security for the network, making it difficult for others to gain access to your identity. Setting up of VPN is simple. You can easily install a VPN on the network and connect to any network worldwide. After this, you can easily use multiple IP addresses to mask your presence.

People use multiple VPN tools online to hide their IP addresses to protect their privacy. It is recommended for people to buy VPN tools online rather than using free VPN tools since there is a chance for them to record the data that you are using. The paid tools have better use and a variety of options.

The types of VPNs most famously used are:

  • Express VPN.
  • Cyber Ghost.
  • Private Internet Access.

Proxy Use

To hide the network’s IP address, the use of proxy servers is also greatly considered. A proxy is like a middleman that connects your network to the internet. The work of a proxy server is to intercept all the network signals and ensure that your network remains hidden from the wider connection.

The use of proxy should only be considered after considering the VPN services.

  • When browsing the net, using a proxy is very irritating since the proxy causes the internet to run very slowly.
  • There are no security protocols for networks using the proxy.
  • There will be no encryption of your data when using the proxy.
  • Unlike VPN, the proxy only handles the work you are currently performing, which is why the slow speed is slow.

The Onion Router

The Onion Router, otherwise known as TOR, anonymously connects the user to voluntarily operatable servers. Because it allows the network to access inaccessible sites, it is also called the dark web. Because the site creation is random, they have different domain names.

The main point of the TOR is that it is free and anonymous; it is greatly used for criminal activity. It is a fact that most population of the TOR is mostly involved in illegal activities. Like proxy, the use of TOR is extremely slow. The data travels between different servers until it reaches the destination. This way, the data is protected, but the speed is extremely slow.

Cell Phones Network

One of the methods is using cell phones and changing the IP address. Since the mobiles use different network settings, the IP address will be completely different. Using the mobile IP address instead of the computer device is unadvised. Using a cell phone’s IP address is now generally considered ineffective. Only use it in case of emergencies.


The general use of IP addresses allows the authorities to access information about your work fully. By considering the question What’s my Ip address? You can come up with techniques that can help you in the privacy protection of your computer and the data on it.

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