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Audiologists vs. ENT Doctors: What’s The Difference?

by Uneeb Khan

If you’re suffering from hearing loss or any other health issues, you could think that it is time to consult a medical professional or else you can go with speech and hearing clinic in bangalore or an Audiologist or an ENT specialist. There are some commonalities between the jobs of an audiologist as well as an ear or nose doctor, both provide different types of treatments and operate in an area of expertise that is different, and therefore it is crucial that you determine which is best for your particular situation. What is different between an auditor as opposed to an ENT doctor?

What is an Audiologist?

An audiologist is a doctor who is a hearing healthcare specialist who specializes in diagnosing, identifying, and treating problems related to the vestibular and auditory parts of the ears. They typically deal with issues like Tinnitus, hearing loss, or balance problems. Their expertise lies in the technologies employed to treat these issues. For example, if require hearing aids to control your hearing loss, an audiologist can provide advice on this.

They also play an important part in helping those with hearing loss. It can be extremely difficult for people with hearing loss late in life to adapt and manage their situation. Audiologists will be in a position to assist people with practical issues such as purchasing phones compatible with hearing aids, such as. They will also guide individuals to tools that can help them to manage hearing loss. Audiologists can also provide counseling to the patient and their families to help them cope with emotionally afflicted by hearing loss.

What exactly is an ENT Doctor?

The term ENT is a reference to ear, nose, and throat. doctors of ENT deal with medical issues that arise within the three regions. They focus on issues like injuries, diseases, or tumors which affect these regions. They also address nerve disorders that impact the motion of the neck or head as well as the senses. While it is preferential to consult an allergist certain ENT doctors can also assist those suffering from allergies that affect the nose, ears, and throat. A specialist in ENT deals with health conditions that can be addressed and does not have the same experience as an audiologist in treating hearing loss.

When should you see an Audiologist or ENT Doctor?

Audiologists are specialists in hearing loss problems. If you discover that you have difficulty in following conversations or watching TV, but not turning it up to the maximum, this could be an indication that you’re suffering from hearing loss. If you schedule your appointment to see an audiologist they’ll run an array of tests to identify the source of the loss of your hearing. If your hearing loss is the result of aging or exposure to loud sounds They will suggest treatments and strategies control hearing loss, including hearing aids. In certain instances of hearing, specialists may be able to identify an underlying problem that’s leading to your hearing loss. In this case, they’ll direct you to an ENT doctor.

It is important to visit an ENT doctor when you are suffering from an illness that impacts your nose, ears, or throat. For instance, an audiologist may recommend you to an ENT doctor in the event that you have an ear infection making your hearing difficulties. Audiologists can help you deal with hearing loss however, an ENT doctor can offer treatment or even surgery in some instances for medical problems. They also are able to treat viral and bacterial illnesses such as tonsillitis and strep throat. If you spot abnormalities, such as lumps or tumors that could be present around your nose, ears, or throat, it is recommended to consult an ENT doctor also as they treat cancers in these areas.


If you consult an ENT doctor, and they conclude that you don’t suffer from a medical issue and that your symptoms are due to the general loss of hearing, they’ll send you to an audiologist.

While audiologists, as well as ENT doctors, typically deal with the same issues, however, an ENT doctor is more adept at dealing with complex medical issues, while an audiologist is known for identifying hearing loss and utilizing technological strategies to help you deal with it and cope with it.

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