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Attested Nadra Divorce Certificate in Pakistan

by Uneeb Khan

Attested Nadra Divorce Certificate in Pakistan:

 If you need attested Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan by top lawyers in Pakistan, you may contact Nazia Law Associates. When trying to socialize with the community, it is common to mention divorced women, also known as bebalu. Divorced women were also often accused of making other men happy. Here is the quote from the female FGD. “Yes, Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan by top lawyers in Pakistan is bad, we are accused that we tempt the husband of another person, but it is actually the husband who disturbs us, and old divorcees that do not suit us.” (25-50 year female FGD, 25/09/2017). 

Another issue:

Another issue was the length of their marriage. Rus was a mother to a young divorcée. She heard people ask, “Why so quickly?” “Aren’t they young? Why so soon?” (Rus parent, 20 September 2017). They are also the talk of the neighborhood, as the following story about Nur illustrates. “Yes, there are a lot people who speak negatively about me. People tend to be more supportive of the men than the women.

Nur refused: 

Sometimes they are cruel to us. They thought I was ugly or something. Even though she was often mentioned, Nur refused to give up on her problems. “Yes, I don’t care, let them speak, it was I who had the experience of Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan by top lawyers in Pakistan. My domestic conflict is mine. This is my opinion, I am right. So, bismillah[1]. (Nur, female; 25 years, 24 Sept 2017) They also received support for divorce after they had to deal with the negative comments of the community. 

Top Lawyers in Pakistan:

Lawyers were able to offer support in Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan by top lawyers in Pakistan, as they knew their marital problems and helped them feel better when they were down. The role of the Lahore hamlet head was crucial in the Lahore’s life. It allowed the mother to explain to her parents why her child was talaq-ed. Tan was Talaq-ed by her husband three times. In all three instances, the head of the Hamlet visited her parents and explained that Tan had been separated from her husband. Tan’s divorce was also explained by the head of the hamlet to her parents. 

No Program for Economic Empowerment:

Nearly no program for economic empowerment was available to divorced women. We found women who were divorced and had received cash aid programs. However, the Islamic Relief NGO was philanthropic. According to a religious leader, money was also taken from the village. There are many stages to it, some of them happening before Eid, others during Ramadan. Some are for divorcées after Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan by top lawyers in Pakistan, others for seniors, and there is something for the poor. 

Social Assistance:

They are not only entitled to compensation… but they also receive social assistance, such as from the village governments. The business capital is typically socialized first by the village government inviting religious leaders, then the aid is distributed.” (Sad Religious Leader, 28 September 2017). Riadi shared with us her experience (30 years) that divorcees with a high school diploma were able to get help working in Lahore companies. “… there, then there were some companies, I don’t remember the names, we gave them links here but not too big… (Riadi head of Lahore Village KPAD 19 September 2017).

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