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Apollo Tyres offers Bus and Truck Tyres at Great Value

by Uneeb Khan
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Fleet owners are always trying to reduce their overhead costs to improve business profit. Tyres and other consumable parts offer a great way to reduce costs for fleet owners who make informed investment. For example, Indian tyre brands offer better value for money and performance per kilometers for truck tyres and bus tyres.

Apollo EnduRace Heavy Vehicle Tyres

The prime example of innovation in the bus and truck tyre space, EnduRace RT tyres have been the go-to solution for many fleet owners. These truck tyres are not only popular in India but also have huge popularity in middle-eastern markets. With the launch of EnduRace RT2 series, Apollo Tyres have proven their mettle once again with solid research and development effort and a product that caters to the Indian trucking companies. The new tyres are sturdier than ever before and claim un-matched performance across the tough and varied terrains of the Indian sub-continent.

Apollo XT-100 HD Premium Truck Tyres

Following the success of EnduRace, Apollo also has another truck tyre which demands equal attention. The XT-100 HD is a premium truck tyre that combines higher load carrying capacity with greater mileage. This is a new tyre technology designed by Apollo Tyres, for the bias truck tyre category. These tyres are ideal for trucks, trailer trucks, earth movers and other heavy vehicles that require reliable performance at every step. The XT-100 HD has revolutionized the truck tyre space with Apollo’s HeART technology that keeps the tyres cool even when running with heavy loads at speed.

Even Apollo Truck Tyre Customers are impressed

Don’t just go for Apollo Truck Tyres on our say so, listen to their customer testimonials to make your decision. The brand has a huge following among fleet owners who are looking for savings and more value from their investment in consumable parts. Delhi Vapi Roadlines are trusting their fleet of 110 vehicles with Apollo Tyres, going the distance through the toughest terrains of Delhi, UP, Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan. They are getting almost double the mileage from radial truck tyres by investing a marginally incremental amount over bias truck tyres.

Making in-roads into Farm Tyre Segment

After conquering the heavy vehicle segment, Apollo Tyres are now targeting the Farm tyres segment to grow their list of offerings. The Apollo FX 222 is among their greatest offerings for the tractor tyres segment. The FX 222 is made using newer rubber compounds that are hard to puncture and offer superior grip on wet and dry surfaces. These features make these tractor tyres great for cultivation, loading, and general farm works. The improved lug design of these tractor tyres has impressed farmers across India and the new tyre is fast becoming a popular buy among Apollo’s rural audience. It’s being hailed as “Puddling ka Champion”.

If you are looking for bus or truck tyres online or need tractor tyres, do not forget to check out Apollo Tyres at your nearest authorized tyres shop

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