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Anger Management- Beneficial or not?

by Uneeb Khan

Is your anger confiscating your life? If yes, this article is for you. First of all we should have a look at what anger really is…

What is Anger?

Have you ever felt a sudden blood rush in your veins? Have you noticed the increased heart rate corresponding to a situation or condition? That sudden increased heart beat,feeling of displeasure and hostility is anger. In this condition your body’s adrenaline and cortisol hormones have been increased in secretion which induces the changes that are felt as anger. It is a normal feeling which everyone can feel at times in their lives differing in its intensity. Some people are short tempered and get furiated easily while the others have their control on it.

Effects of Anger 

Anger is thought to be a negative emotion but not always it is. It can be good sometimes and worse at the other. It also has impacts on our health, well-being, relationships and work. 

Your health can rundown because of it in the ways that it can cause:

  • Hypertension
  • Depression 
  • Stress
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Diseases
  • Digestive System Problems

Moreover, anger if not checked can cause discomfort and strangeness and conflict in family relationships and friends.

Anger Management 

Now let’s dig into what anger management really is…

Anger management is a psycho-therapeutic approach and the goal of it is to reduce anger causing physiological arousal and take control over it. As it is mentioned above that anger can be good or bad but that thing that makes it either good or worse is the way in which it is being expressed. Anger is not always negative. In fact, psychiatrists believe that it is meaningful and important to be angry in order to defend yourself and face the adversities of life. Anger can be puissante!Many people think anger management is learning about repressing the anger but that is not true. Never having anger is not quite possible and  is also not a healthy goal. You will get angry regardless of how hard you try to put it down. So, the ultimate goal of anger management is to acknowledge the gist behind the emotion and express it in a healthy and meaningful way without going out of control. 

Ways to Manage Your Anger 

You yourself can manage your rage. Here are the ways you can take to control your anger:

Find out the trigger behind your anger

Have you ever been furious over an imbecile thing like being late for only 5 minutes? In that situation if your anger and irritation is rising rapidly, ask yourself,” What am I really furious about?” And then identifying the actual reason of your being angry you can better communicate your anger and find some constructive way to resolve the matter.

Give it a thought before you speak out 

When you are in a rage it is easy to speak out in a way that is below morality and then regretting it later. So, in this condition you’d better take some time, think over it for a while, collect the words and then reply and let the other person involved in the argument do the same. 

Recognize your anger warning indications

Almost every person has some physical indications of when their anger is going to boil out. So, by identifying the symbols you can get a control over it. Most common signs are a crumbling  stomach,fast breathing,tensing the hands or jaws,flushy and reddish appearance, increased heart and pulse rate,and having troubled focusing.

Leave the place of argument and calm down yourself 

Sometimes it is better to leave the place of argument to free yourself. Try to give you some time, understand the matter,calm down and find a better way to manage the situation.

Do some relaxation activity

Making yourself relaxed is quite a good way to turn your anger down. Relax yourself by taking a deep breath from the diaphragm, imagine some relaxing visual and tell yourself the phrase repeatedly “Take it easy. There is nothing to worry about.” And after this relaxation therapy, think about the matter properly.

Do some workout

Engaging yourself in a kind of physical activity can help you invest your outraged energy doing something beneficial. So,go out and have some walk in the cool fresh air and relax.

Visit a psychologist

If you are an utterly furious person and you can’t check your anger yourself, pay a visit to a psychologist and take anger management classess. They are the experts who will give you suggestions to manage your anger.

The Bottom Line

Hence, in short anger is not the feeling you can’t control. You can have proper control over it by opting influential ways  through proper anger management techniques.

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