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All You Need To Know About Dock Inspections

by Uneeb Khan
Ship Inspectors in CANADA

A dock inspection is a brief, non-invasive examination of the dock’s parts carried out by ship inspectors. The dock inspections involve inspectors typically observing the dock’s state from the ground up. The method and format of a typical dock inspection can be fairly similar to regular ship inspection. Here, the inspector will record damage, and flaws, provide advice, and do other things. Ship inspectors typically take pictures and include everything in a report as well.

General dock inspections, once owned, should be checked for damage every year. Docks should be well maintained to prevent more damage during severe rain, winds, and waves, especially with Florida hurricanes. A broken dock may cause structural damage to your house as well as to seawalls. Ship owners connect with ship inspectors in Canada to get dock inspections done. 

Every real estate transaction involves a dock inspection. It is necessary so that, before making a purchase, the customer is aware of the dock’s condition. As it is an essential part of ship inspection, ship owners make sure that it is conducted properly. So if you are one of the ship inspections in Canada offering services for dock inspections, you will be required to perform certain duties. 

Duties performed by a dock inspector:

  • Run the daily dock inspection list.
  • Welcome new slip holders and/or transients in a way that demonstrates your professionalism, courtesy, and good manners.
  • Maintain and clean the equipment, grounds, restrooms, docks, walkways, rampways, and other places as directed by the dock master.
  • Continually update the supply inventory as per the requirements.
  • Ensure that all docks, machinery, and facilities are always in use.
  • Assist and support any unique activities or events happening at the marina.
  • Verify the safety of docked vessels by checking their dock lines, electrical wires, Comcast cable connections, and fenders.
  • Remove the morning and evening trash every day, and dispose of it as instructed.
  • Maintain the sewage pumping system’s regular operation.
  • Take readings from the electrical meters at the slip pedestals and report them.
  • Perform safety checks at marinas, including but not limited to
  • Inspections of wooden slats
  • Concrete inspections 
  • lighting pole Inspection
  • Inspections of ships looking for frayed cables, frayed wires, and Comcast connections.
  • Examining the life ring.
  • If gasoline is detected, either visually or olfactorily, alert the proper party right away.

Dock inspections are crucial for understanding the condition of the dock you will be inspecting. Therefore, it is essential to get proper training before you head to offer your services to ship owners and managers across the globe. 

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