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A Detailed Guide On The 500 Hr Yoga Teacher Training in India

by Uneeb Khan

If you are looking for a global yoga teacher training, then you must go for the Yoga Teacher Training in India, at one of the best ashrams and schools there. It is basically a master level yoga teacher training program, which will enhance your knowledge in yoga, and also fast-track your career. It is the ultimate yoga course, that clubs the two one-month long courses, the 200-hour yoga TTC and the 300-hour Yoga TTC. If you have done yoga before, but do not have any formal certification, then this is the course for you.

After you complete the 500 Hr Yoga Teacher Training in India, you will feel a life-changing and enhancing experience, that will benefit every aspect of your life. It is specially designed for the yoga seekers from across the globe. Moreover, the location is one of the best ones, where you will find the gurgling of the stream and the thunder of the clouds, to be an aid to your practice.

Details About The 500 Hr Yoga Teacher Training in India

If you want to become a proficient yoga teacher, it is a must for you to undergo the training. Moreover, you will get a Yoga Alliance accredited certificate, that will help you to get RYT 500. Apart from the international certification and accreditation, you will be guided by experienced yoga teachers, as a part of the course. Moreover, you get to join an international yoga community, from where you will get all kinds of updates about the yoga genre. You also get to attend some of the classes free of cost. Moreover, you get lifetime assistance in forwarding your yoga career. You can avail yourself of the Yoga Teacher Training in India to get a wholesome training, like no other.

The best place, from where you can do the course is Samadhi Yoga Ashram, which is located in the foothills of the Himalayas in Rishikesh. There are lots of benefits that you will derive from the course as well. Read on to know more about them.

Benefits of the Course

Once you enrol for the course, you will come to know about the benefits that you will derive from it. A few aspects of the course are mentioned below.

  • It is a complete and holistic training program, which will give you a huge push in your yoga career.
  • You will be learning nothing, but authentic yoga science.
  • Get a comprehensive knowledge of the Yoga philosophy.
  • Moreover, you will learn all the traditional aspects of the course along with some modern techniques.
  • You will get the guidance of the experts who have been practicing yoga for decades.
  • The course at Rishikesh, is very cost-effective in terms of deliverables.

What Will You Learn?

As a part of the Yoga Teacher Training in India, you will learn some of the best aspects of yoga, from the perspective of a student and teacher, both. Initially, you will be initiated into the program through ritualistic ceremonies. You will also get a broad overview of the subject. Sun Salutations follow suit. You cannot start your yoga journey, without the sun salutations. There will be group asana practices as well. The asana that you will learn as a part of the course, include the standing asanas, sitting asanas, supine asanas, and bends and twists. There are arm balancing poses, shoulder balancing poses, and inverted poses as well. So, the school will not leave any stone unturned to deliver the best.

You will also learn about the Shatkarma kriyas. They include Jal Neti, Vaman Dhouti, Kunjal Kriya, Kapal Bhati, and Trataka to name a few. These are all body cleansing processes, which will give you a disease-free base to work on. As a part of the 500 Hr Yoga Teacher Training in India, you will also learn about the bandhas, Drishti, and mudras. All these are like the most essential accessories of your yogic practice. Pranayama and Meditation also form a part of the core subjects. You can make huge changes in your being, by meditating under the guidance of the best yogis in Rishikesh. Moreover, it will provide you with an uplifting experience. Chanting and mudras follow the asana and kriyas. These subtle sounds and vibrations have the power to lead change.

A knowledge of anatomy is extremely essential for a teacher. And, you are surely going to get the most comprehensive and detailed overviews on the same. It is crucial to know, what problems, your students suffer from, so that you can suggest poses accordingly.

Professional Development

Apart from the hard skills, that you will learn about the subject, like asanas, breathing techniques, meditation, mudras, bandhas, and kriyas, you will also learn about the professional ethics and practices. Without these, you cannot go ahead in your yoga career.

You will learn about sequencing and pace in yoga. There will be classes, where you will come across mix students, like beginners, intermediates and advanced ones. It is important for you to suggest them poses as per their progress and power. Adjustments and modifications are also important for all yogic practitioners. You will be taught about class management as well. So, the 500 Hr Yoga Teacher Training in India is an all-round course that teaches you about the entire realm of yoga, from theory to the practical. The course requires you to be extremely devoted and motivated, so as to achieve the best in the realm. Thus, you will understand in some time, how the teaching pedagogy can help you to take classes with a diverse group of students. Yoga teaching is something, that you cannot just learn from books. You need to enrol for the best course, which will give you the dexterity of a sage and also experience. The yoga school in the hills, will give you the perfect ambience, so that you can get a tranquil mindset, that is devoid of all forms of disturbances and distractions. The distant ringing of temple bells, just add to the allure.

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